Princeton Review Ranks the Top 20 Most LGBT-Unfriendly Colleges

Princeton Review completes rankings in almost every category possible, from the Biggest Party School (Ohio University) to the most "Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians" (New College of Florida). They also have compiled a list of colleges that are the most LGBT-friendly (New York University) and the most LGBT-unfriendly (Wheaton College), asking the question: "Is there very little discrimination against homosexuals?"

The most surprising thing for me is the exclusion of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University and South Carolina's Bob Jones University from the list of LGBT-unfriendly colleges. Perhaps they didn't participate. 

View the full post for the entire list of LGBT-friendly and LGBT-unfriendly colleges. 

Most LGBT-Unfriendly Colleges:
1. Wheaton College (IL)
2. Grove City College (PA)
3. Brigham Young University
4. Hampden-Sydney College
5. College of the Ozarks
6. University of Notre Dame
7. Thomas Aquinas College
8. Boston College
9. University of Dallas
10.Texas A&M University
11.Providence College
12.Southern Methodist University
13.Samford University
14.University of Rhode Island
15.Catholic University of America
16.Calvin College
17.Pepperdine University
18.University of Wyoming
19.University of Kentucky
20.Fairfield University

Most LGBT-Friendly Colleges:
1. New York University
2. Stanford University
3. Emerson College
4. Wellesley College
5. Bennington College
6. University of Wisconsin- Madison
7. Macalester College
8. New College of Florida
9. Prescott College
10.Sarah Lawrence College
11.Bryn Mawr College
12.Grinnell College
13.St. John's College (MD)
14.Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
15.Smith College
16.Hampshire College
17.Swarthmore College
18. Boston University
19.Mount Holyoke College
20.Bard College at Simon's Rock


  1. I think Vassar College should be near the top of the LGBT friendly colleges

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