News Roundup: August 2, 2011

Headlines around the web – August 2, 2011 [Will be updated throughout the day]

    ACLU Settles Case with Miami Beach Police Over Assault on Gay Man (here via Towleroad) - ”The settlement reached today requires the City of Miami Beach to pay Harold Strickland $75,000 which includes attorneys’ fees, as well as enact new policies regarding the reporting of police misconduct. The city will also implement specific trainings for new police officers addressing the harassment of gay men by police in and around Flamingo Park, as well as the rights of citizens to document police behavior.”

    Miley Cyrus gets inked for the gays, starts a Twitter war (here via Entertainment Weekly) - ”Miley Cyrus has gone on record in support of gay rights in the past, but this time she went with a decidedly more permanent statement. Last Friday, the singer tweeted a photo of her new tattoo, an equal sign on her right ringer finger, with the caption “All LOVE is equal.” In a year where the “It Gets Better” videos have served as a very formal, very scripted (and, yes, very powerful) beacon of the gay rights landscape, Cyrus’s subtle nod is a quirky (and dare I even say refreshing?) political affirmation. If nothing else, she is, in her own way, breathing new life into the debate with the kind of nonchalance that only an 18-year-old can. Unfortunately for Miss Miley, announcing her new art didn’t turn out to be all peace, love, and rainbows.”

    Study looks at experiences of gay Mormons (here via The Associated Press) - ” Like many faiths, Mormonism teaches that any sexual relationship outside of traditional marriage is a sin, and in the past, the church preached that homosexual feelings, alone, were a sin. One faith leader last year even suggested gays could change their sexual orientation through prayer.“

    Same-sex nuptials emerge as election issue (here via The Washington Times) - ” Same-sex marriage might seem like a straightforward issue: You’re for it or against it. Yet for the field of Republican presidential hopefuls, it’s proving to be an awkward topic as public attitudes change and more states legalize gay unions, the latest being New York. Numerous recent polls suggest a slim majority of Americans now back gay marriage. Support is highest among Democrats, but is increasing across the political spectrum even as religious conservatives — a key part of the GOP primary electorate — remain largely opposed. The result, according to political analysts from both major parties, is a dilemma for the leading Republican candidates, most of whom oppose same-sex marriage but tend to avoid raising the topic unless asked.”

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