News Roundup: August 15, 2011

Headlines around the web – August 15, 2011 [Will be updated throughout the day]

    Minnesota gay teens bullied by adults, peers, say activists (here via Reuters) - ”Barb Schroeder knew about her son Alec's struggles as an openly gay freshman in rural Minnesota's Mora High School. But she didn't know about the knife. Classmates called Alec names and pushed him around inside a portable bathroom during a homecoming football game in 2005. "I would take a knife out, hold it and think about how quick it would be, and how I wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow and deal with that," recalled Alec Schroeder, now 20. Alec's mother transferred him to a different school district in Minnesota, a state which has become a flash point in the battle over gay rights -- and not just because of the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman that will go before voters on the 2012 ballot.”

    Presidential candidate Fred Karger has a message (here via The Kansas City Star) - ”Fred Karger, Republican candidate for president, knows there is no chance he will be the GOP nominee, much less the next leader of the free world. "I'm not delusional," he says, though one might wonder what, exactly, he is thinking. Karger is no political naif. He spent nearly 30 years as a campaign adviser to several of California's top Republicans and served as an election strategist for corporate clients, including cigarette maker Philip Morris. His trophies - a home a block from the ocean in Laguna Beach, a second one above Laurel Canyon and a silver Mercedes to ride between the two - speak to his success.”

    Pressure Builds For Anti-Gay Hinkle To Resign After Craigslist Sex Scandal (here via Towleroad) - ”’Sad.’ That appears to be the dominant adjective being used to describe revelations that Republican State Rep. Phil Hinkle of Indiana tried to pay for gay sex. That state's Republican Governor Mitch Daniels, for example, said he was ‘sad about it’ and described the scandal as a ‘personal family tragedy.’ House Speaker Brian Bosma, also a Republican, remarked, ‘If the circumstances are as reported, it is an extremely sad and disappointing situation for all of us, especially the families involved.’”

    Bachmann challenged on anti-gay comments (here via Salon) - ”Michele Bachmann -- the winner of the weekend's Ames Straw Poll -- once again dodged questions about her views on gays and lesbians on Sunday.Appearing on MSNBC's "Meet the Press," she told host David Gregory, "I don't judge them," when pushed to clarify her views. Gregory noted that comments she made in 2004 certainly sounded like judgment (including her suggestion at the time that homosexuality was "personal enslavement" and a "sexual dysfunction.") Bachmann tried to suggest that such issues were not important to her presidential run, but Gregory was quick to note that the congresswoman had in the past called gay marriage a "defining" political issue of our time. When asked whether she would consider appointing an openly gay judge, Bachmann refused to give a firm answer, saying only "I have my criteria.””

    Fight gears up on same-sex marriage in North Carolina (here via The Charlotte Observer) - ”Matt Phillippi organized stacks of postcards in the Carolina Theatre lobby Sunday, ready for ticketholders at the N.C. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to sign requests that legislators withhold their support for a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Phillippi, who works for Equality North Carolina, figured more than 500 postcards were signed in the festival's first three days. The Raleigh-based gay-rights group hopes to have 50,000 to deliver to legislators in September, when lawmakers return for a session to consider constitutional amendments, including a ban on gay marriage. Full-fledged campaigns over the proposed constitutional ban are washing over the state. They include petitions, messages from pulpits, rallies, billboards and phone banks.”

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