Perez Hilton says we should just watch anyway and "be happy" about Kidz Bop using an "edited" version of Born This Way

Perez Hilton wrote a post about the Kidz Bop Kids version of "Born This Way" editing out the LGBT verse like it is no biggie. What the? I guess Good Morning America may not be too homophobic after all. I don't understand why we continue to sit around while people try to hide gay people from kids. Why can't we tell them about LGBT people being "born this way"? Isn't that why the song was written?
Here's what he said
Kids Bop Kidz' version of Lady GaGa's Born This Way is here! Now before anyone raises any eyebrows or questions whether or not LGBT issues are too mature for little kids… This is an *edited* version. The LGBT verse has been taken out. So watch this video and be happy little kids can sing about loving

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  1. Comment from a Twitter follower:

    "radio Disney doesnt play born this way at all. Some people want to raise their kids like that. That's their business"

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