News Roundup: July 26, 2011

Headlines around the web – July 26, 2011 [Will be updated throughout the day]

    Report: 1 in 3 Gay Employees Closeted at Work (here via The Advocate) - “An alarming percentage of gay individuals face employment harassment and often decide not to disclose their sexual orientation in the workplace, according to a summary of recent social science data by the Williams Institute. In a review of studies including the 2008 General Social Survey, a national probability survey, the Williams Institute reported Monday that 38% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual employees who are out at work reported being harassed because of their sexual orientation. More than one-third of respondents said they were not out to any colleagues at work.”

    Miami Beach to fire two cops who beat, falsely arrested gay man at Flamingo Park (here via The Miami Herald) - “The two Miami Beach police officers accused of yelling anti-gay epithets at a tourist, kicking him and falsely arresting him after he called 911 to report them beating a man in a South Beach park are going to be fired, according to city officials. On Monday, City Commissioner Michael Góngora said he was told by Miami Beach’s city manager that the city intends to kick officers Frankly Forte and Eliut Hazzi off the police force.”

    Perry, Conservatives and Gay Marriage: An Evolving View? (here via RealClearPolitics) - ” he Republican Party may be recalibrating its approach to gay marriage at the highest level since embracing the spirit of the tea party, with its deep mistrust of the federal government and support for states' rights. Two of the most prominent social conservatives looking toward the 2012 presidential election -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann -- now have suggested deferring to the states on marriage laws. That stance meshes somewhat with former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's view, and he is perceived to be the most socially moderate candidate in the GOP field. For a party that has in the past remained adamantly opposed to gay marriage, the coming presidential race may be the forum where that position gets a fresh look.“

    Gay Marriage in New York is Illegal, Says Senator Ruben Diaz (here via The Christian Post) - ” Senator Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) said the gay marriages performed Sunday are illegal and plans to file a lawsuit over the matter. Speaking at the "Let the People Vote" rally Sunday, Diaz said he will file a lawsuit in the New York court system next week to challenge the judicial waiver that allowed same-sex couples to marry on the same day of the marriage license application. The Bronx senator, who was the only Democrat to vote against the gay marriage bill, argued that the hundreds of gay marriages that took place on Sunday were illegal because the same-sex couples did not wait the mandated 24 hours before marrying.”

    Justin Timberlake: Singing at Gay Wedding? (here via E! Online) - ”While it may be some time before Justin Timberlake releases a new album, could performing at a gay wedding be in his more immediate future?Sure, it would probably take a boatload of money to book him for the same-sex gig, but...The former boy-band crooner is totally in sync with New York becoming the latest state to legalize gay marriage.”

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