Neo-Nazi Teen Kills Gay Classmate, Blames "Sexual Advances"

Brandon McInerney (left) shot and killed Lawrence King (right) at school.
This is sick. Not only does he admit taking Lawrence King's life, but teenaged killer Brandon McInerney partially defends his actions by blaming the victim's apparent "sexual advances." 

The LA Times reports
Prosecutor Maeve Fox says McInerney carefully planned and carried out the Feb. 12, 2008, execution. 
Prosecutors have added a hate-crime allegation, arguing that McInerney's actions were spurred in part by a hatred of gays, in line with his alleged neo-Nazi sympathies. 
If convicted, he faces 53 years to life. McInerney is being tried in adult court under the provisions of Proposition 21, which allows prosecutors to bring murder charges against juveniles as young as 14 for certain serious crimes.
McInerney's lawyers, Scott Wippert and Robyn Bramson, say their client doesn't deny the killing. 
But they argue it was voluntary manslaughter because the adolescent was provoked by King's repeated sexual advances.
I feel bad that McInerney was raised this way, but 14 years old is old enough to know that taking another person's life is wrong.

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