Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Why instant certification isn't that important.

I say this with as much caution as possible, since some may misconstrue my thoughts. 

The instant DADT repeal certification that some are demanding via the court system is not where our energy should be going for the following reasons: 

  1. The DADT repeal bill was signed by President Obama in December 2010 after it passed both houses of Congress. It would be virtual political suicide to all of the sudden say, "Just kidding. We have no plans to certify repeal."
  2. No current military personnel is being threatened with discharge. The few cases we have heard of were voluntary (aka they wanted out).
  3. While it is true that openly gay people can't join the military yet (new recruits), there are legitimate reasons (efficiency, control, etc) for not wanting to throw new recruits into the certification process until it is time.

While Don't Ask, Don't Tell needs to go as soon as possible, we must also weigh our best options. This is a major legislative victory and needs to remain so. We can't afford giving the antigay folks any talking points because it could hinder or delay other victories in marriage equality and employment/housing protections.

I will end with two things my parents always told me growing up: You attract more bees with honey rather than vinegar, and patience is a virtue.

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