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Unlike many other LGBT news blogs, I happen to think that President Obama's new White House webpage http://www.whitehouse.gov/lgbt is extremely indicative of his very friendly LGBT stances. Yes, he isn't fully coming out for full marriage equality... yet. He has stated his views are evolving (a.k.a. he supports it but doesn't want to give the GOP talking points to rally the ultra conservative wingnut base). However, he is also the first guy to do this. The website is full of information, including a fact sheet explaining Obama's progress and commitment to pro-LGBT legislation and links to other government sites such as stopbullying.gov.

Personally, I think this is a huge step in the LGBT civil rights movement.  Not only is Obama supporting our community, but he is setting himself up to make this a campaign talking point.  I think this issue alone may really hurt the GOP's chances at winning big in the 2012 election.  It is 2011 and people are rapidly supporting gay rights.  Imagine what it will be like in over a year from now.  But it is still very important to tell your friends not to vote for a candidate who does not support LGBT rights.

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