UPDATED:: Lesbian Blogger in Syria Kidnapped at Gunpoint is an American Man from Georgia?

The hoax about Amina Abdalla is true. We reported last week about the Facebook page set up to get a semi-famous lesbian blogger freed after she was reportedly kidnapped in Syria.  Then, we reported about the fake picture and possible hoax. It is now confirmed that Amina Abdalla is an alias used by Tom MacMaster, an American man from Georgia trying to raise awareness about the issues he blogged about under Amina's name.  The friends of "Amina" aka Tom are outraged.

Here is a snippet from the Facebook page

Be assured administrators of this site - who were friends with "Amina" online - are just as angry as everyone else over the revelation made by Tom MacMaster. This foolish and cruel hoax has distracted from the real issue in Syria - that the Syrian people are sacrificing their lives for calling for an end to a regime that silences, disappears, tortures and murders its people, a regime that has repeatedly fired directly into peaceful demonstrations. Thousands of political prisoners are being held by authorities, with many of them undergoing torture right now. The world should know about the courage and suffering of these innocent Syrians and stand with them.

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