Signed, Piss Off Fag

A few years ago, I sent a letter to a couple newspapers in support of same-sex marriages. This is the response I received.

I wanted to share this again for a couple reasons. One, I want to show you that hate is alive and well in America. This person had the drive to look up my address online and then send me this letter to let me know how much I am hated. Second, I want to encourage you to write letters to your newspapers, elected officials, family, friends, etc. 

We are so close to achieving equality yet so far away, and people need to know that they have friends and family members who are gay or supportive of gay rights.

Continue after the jump to read my letter.

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This is the text of my letter to the editor (view story here):
"The traditional definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman is rapidly becoming controversial. Some people agree that same-sex marriage is even the new civil-rights movement. The bottom line is that same-sex marriage is not seriously debated enough.
I write this letter to encourage people to discuss this issue with each other. The legal and social benefits that come from marriage are too great to not take this issue seriously. You may be surprised at how your beliefs might change if you understand someone else's point of view.
I used to not believe in same-sex marriage. I actually debated it with friends and classmates, but I can't honestly remember one good reason I had.
I ask myself if I actually didn't believe in gay marriage or if I was raised not to believe or understand it. We live in a country where equality is praised but not practiced.
I can't help but wonder if in 50 years our children and grandchildren will be amazed at how ignorant and intolerant we were."

And this is the text of the response I got (from the picture above):

"To J.L,
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