Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Gay marriage is actually an opportunity to bolster traditional values?

The debate around so-called "gay marriage" has so far been a battle between progressive Americans and the religious right. Many religions and churches have come out for marriage equality, and now one rabbi is making a bold statement.

In a Huffington Post article, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said:

Now that the tide has turned in favor of gay marriage by America's second most-populous state permitting it, it's time to put the debate behind us and focus on more important things, specifically saving American marriage. 
Yes, I know. The opponents of gay marriage have been saying they were doing just that, that their sole intention in obsessing over the issue for three decades was to protect the family and the institution of marriage. But gays marrying has nothing to do with heterosexuals divorcing and the real crisis in the American marriage is not that people of the same sex want to get hitched but that people of the opposite don't want to stay together.
He goes on to explain that his parents' divorce when he was 8 years old scarred him for life and points to a recent study released by the American Sociological Review that found significant decreases in a child's performance in math and social skills during and after their parents' divorce. He said that parents should not stay together just for the sake of the children, but people need to be more aware of the negative effects of divorce. He has since devoted much of his life to counseling couples and keeping families together.

He has heard many reasons for divorcing, including a cheating partner or loss of attraction. However, none of these problems are due to gay and lesbian couples wanting to be married.

He said:
The truth is that the thirty-year fight over gay marriage has been a massive distraction for America that has prevented us from focusing on skyrocketing divorce, the growing culture of male womanizing, women feeling unreasonably old, fat, and unattractive, the fixation of husbands and wives on celebrity relationships that deprives their own marriages of oxygen, and the dumbing down of American through moronic reality TV. My God, we can't even talk about runaway materialism in our culture. When consumer insatiability nearly destroyed our economy in 2008, we responded by fighting over Proposition Eight in California. And as New York State and New Jersey slowly go bankrupt through out of control government spending, the state legislatures still bicker about gay marriage.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is absolutely correct. Why are anti-gay religious groups spending millions of dollars every year to prevent loving couples from marrying each other when there are millions of children suffering from their parents' divorce?

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