UPDATED: Prop 8 Trial Tweets

UPDATE 2: Yep, we won. Judge Walker's decision overturning Prop 8 will not be vacated simply because he is gay.

UPDATE: Looks like we will win.

This is a roundup of the tweets about today's Proposition 8 trial presided over by Judge Ware: 

RT @KateKendell Judge Ware going to hear the motion on the tapes first. #Prop8 proponents do not want anyone to see how pathetic they were.

RT @KateKendall Once again the incompetence and flailing of #prop8 proponents is on full display. Feeling retraumatized by their idiocy. #prop8

RT @NCLRights Boutrous: #prop8 proponents attack on court (JWalker) makes it all the more useful for public to see this video someday. Concludes.

RT @NCLRights T.Stewart/CitySF 1 minute arg on #prop8 video: its ironic, unworthy that they attack JWalker's fairness/stifle video showing his fairness

RT @KateKendall Ware now saying he will likely keep tapes secret and only for use by attorneys. He will not require Walker to return tape. #prop8

RT @AFER Walker says he plans to deny Cooper's request that the tapes be taken away from plaintiffs. #prop8

RT @JoeSudbay This #Prop8 hearing really is all because Judge Walker has a boyfriend. Charles Cooper just said it in Court. Stunning.

RT @AFER Ware: "You can be in a long term relationship without it being for the purposes of marriage." #prop8

RT @AFER Ware: "Is it reasonable to make a judgement about a judge based upon a bias?" Long pause. Cooper says he doesn't understand. #prop8

RT @eqca See our amicus brief w/@LambdaLegal, @ACLU_NorCal & @NCLRights on why Judge Walker shld not have recused himself: http://ow.ly/5feDM

RT @AFER Boutrous accuses Cooper of "stereotyping" by saying that Walker's situation is indistinguishable from that of other gay people. #prop8

RT @AFER B: Proponents had an obligation to "look Judge Walker in the eye" and discuss recusal, not wait until after his retirement. #prop8

RT @AFER Ware: "It is my intent to give you a written decision quickly. I'd like to say by about 24 hours, but you know how that goes." #prop8

RT @AFER Read the official statement from #prop8 case sponsors on today's hearing: http://ow.ly/5gNq8

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