Margaret Hoover: GOP is not the party of intolerance

The New York Daily News has an awesome editorial by Margaret Hoover titled "The conservative case for gay marriage: GOP is not the party of intolerance." While I often give Republicans a hard time (here, here, and here), I would be less inclined to do so if they would just follow Hoover's advice. Help make the Republican Party less anti-LGBT by signing this petition.

Here's an excerpt from the article (via New York Daily News):

Any day now, Republicans in the state Senate will have a historic opportunity to reaffirm the best traditions of the New York GOP. A bill that grants gays and lesbians the freedom to marry will come to a vote; 31 members of the Senate, now including a critical handful of Republicans, have declared their support. 
New York is poised to become the largest state in the nation to endorse the freedom to marry. 
Instead of deriding this development, national Republicans should embrace the opportunity to correct a profound inconsistency in their support for individual freedom. Republicans are typically thought of as uniformly socially conservative - and defenders of social conservatism usually say traditional marriage needs defending. Indeed, in this week's New Hampshire Republican presidential debate, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney asserted that they would support a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.... 
Limited-government conservatives believe in maximum individual freedom consistent with law and order. We do not believe that the state should have the power to confer rights upon some law-abiding citizens while discriminating against others 

Read my take on the Republican Party here.

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