UPDATED:: Lesbian Blogger in Syria Kidnapped at Gunpoint

UPDATED 2: PHOTO IS A FAKE.  BBC interviewed Jelena Lecic, of London, whose picture has been splashed on world-wide news as being Amina Adballa aka the "Gay Girl in Damascus." She was shocked to learn that her photo was being used.  No one still knows who the "Gay Girl in Damascus" actually is or if there even is one.

UPDATED: Could this be a hoax? Is she even real? It seems that no one has actually met Amina Abdalla in person, only having online conversations.  Some are urging bloggers to still report that "she" is missing, even if "she" isn't who we think she is. This is strange.

There's a Facebook page supporting and demanding the release of Amina Abdalla, a famous Syrian lesbian blogger who was kidnapped at gunpoint allegedly by the government. Abdalla, who runs the "Gay Girl in Damascus" blog, has been a vocal supporter of the Syrian uprising.  In an interview last month with CNN, she said of the uprising, "A whole lot of long time changes are coming suddenly bubbling to the surface and views towards women, gay people and minorities are rapidly changing."

News is still a bit jumbled, but I'll update it when we know what's going on.

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