Interview with former Broadway performer and American Idol contestant Todrick Hall

Todrick won Glee the Music's Best Fan Video
My phone call with Todrick Hall about music, gay rights, coming out, why American Idol hasn't had a gay winner, and his plan to get on Glee. 

June 19, 2011
by Josh Langdon, e-mail

Todrick Hall has already had his fair share of accomplishments. He has performed on Broadway in a Tony Award-winning musical. He made it to the Top 16 on American Idol's Season 9. He has garnered almost 5.5 million views on YouTube with videos like this (view here), this (view here), and this (view here).

Now, Todrick has his target set on joining the cast of Glee, and his latest video sensation "I Wanna Be On Glee" (view here) even got him an official Glee the Music Award for Best Fan Video (pictured right). He told me he has a meeting coming up with Glee's casting department, so we could be seeing Todrick alongside Rachel, Finn, Puck, Kurt, and the gang very soon.

"It's amazing how the internet works," he said. "Less than 24 hours after I posted the video, Ryan Murphy received the video.They sent it to the executive producers and then to casting. I'm meeting with casting soon, so hopefully I'll get a spot on the show."

What kind of character does he hope to portray? Preferably not a gay one. 

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When it comes to speaking up about gay issues, Todrick doesn't mind sharing his story; but he doesn't want to be stereotyped as a gay icon. He wants people to see him as an entertainer and focus on his talent. He thinks when an actor or musician publicly comes out, they are automatically transformed into a spokesperson for gay rights. They don't get a choice. It is like how someone who quits drugs or loses weight automatically become spokespeople.

"I think if someone wants to be a spokesperson for gay people they should come out," he said. "But the world doesn't need to know everything about you."

He also doesn't think American Idol is ready for a gay winner. A good example is Adam Lambert. As far as Todrick is concerned, Lambert is the true winner of American Idol Season 8 because he outsold every other contestant and has more notoriety than winner Kris Allen. He just didn't win the show because he is gay.

"It is a family-friendly show, and I guess right now being gay isn't family friendly," he said. "It's a touchy subject for kids. They just want to look at lollipops and rainbows, not talk about sexuality. I don't know if it will ever get to the point where Barney has two gay kids."

Regardless, he doesn't think the world needs to know everything about celebrities.  "Tell the world what you want them to know," he said, "And they don't have to know what you don't want them to know."

Todrick Hall Interview

June 17, 2011

You just put out a “I Wanna Be on Glee” video (view here) and song (buy it on iTunes here). What type of character do you see yourself portraying on the show?

I think it would be cool to be a new student. Not a freshman, but a transfer student. A threat to some of the kids, like a triple-threat. I don’t want to be just a singer or just a dancer. I think it’d be fun to be the new token black boy and be comedic relief. I want to be Santana’s boyfriend or Mercedes boyfriend. 

Isn't Santana a lesbian?
I think my character could change that.

Oh, okay, okay. Do you just want to play a straight character or are you open to playing a gay character?
It wouldn't be my first choice to do as a career move because it's hard for people to see you as something they did before. I don't want to become a gay icon, so I'd rather play a straight character.

What do you mean by "gay icon"? Do you think that just because you play a gay character you'll be a gay icon?
When someone comes out as gay, they want... I don't know a lot of things or how I feel about a lot of things. I want people to know me for an actor on the show and focus on my talent and not my sexuality.

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Okay, I guess I understand that.
Yeah. And I'd like to use Glee as a stepping stone. I want to be a recording artist, and a lot of the demographic I want to reach is teenage girls. I feel like Chris Colfer would have a hard time selling to teenage girls. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Actually, I think a lot of teenage girls love him.
Yeah, but not in that way.

Yeah, that's probably true. So, you recorded a video (view here) for "It Gets Better" (buy it on iTunes here), a song you wrote to contribute to Dan Savage's anti-bullying campaign.
Two things. I made the video for the campaign specifically, but I wanted it to be inspirational to other things. A lot of parents have written me saying they are a single parent and don't know what to do. The video is helping everyone. I didn't want it to be just a gay thing because there are a lot of kids who have other things they hate. Buck teeth, overweight, etc.

So, what advice would you give to musicians or actors who are just starting out and might be afraid to publicly come out as gay or come out in support of gay rights?
I think if someone wants to be a spokesperson for gay people they should come out. But the world doesn't need to know everything about you. I love Beyonce not just because she is an awesome singer. She has a squeaky-clean reputation, and what she does in the bedroom isn't out to the world. Tell the world what you want them to know, and they don't have to know what you don't want them to know.

Do you think when someone comes out they have to be a spokesperson for gay rights?
The person doesn't get to choose. It's just like if you are a bigger girl and want to lose weight, you are automatically going to be a spokesperson. It's the same thing with drugs, bulimia, etc.

Todrick with his favorite singer, Beyonce.
Do you think coming out is like quitting drugs or getting over bulimia?
Without choosing it you end up inevitably being it, which isn't a bad thing. Any time you can inspire other people it is a good thing. I made the "It Gets Better" video because I know how it is to be bullied. I was the only boy in my ballet class growing up, so I know what it feels like to ostracized and outcast for things that are beyond your control. So, I don't mind sharing my story, but I also don't want to be stereotyped.

How so?
Like in movies, being gay is always a problem. There never is a gay character without it having to be a big deal. It is feeding into America and trying to educate America about how it is not a choice. Making it a problem makes it a huge deal to come out. 

What should they do with the gay characters without making a storyline about that?
I think movies and tv shows should start having characters who are just gay and have a boyfriend. I don't think the world will start treating being gay like its normal until people and tv and movies start treating it like its normal. But every time there's a movie with a gay person or interracial couple, that's a problem in the storyline. The whole story is based on them dating someone of the same sex or outside of their race.

That kind of brings me to my next question. You were a contestant on Season 9 of American Idol, which has yet to see an openly gay contestant. Others have came out after the show such as Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, but no one has been upfront about it on the show. Do you think the show is ready for an openly gay contestant?
There have been openly gay people on the show, but they haven't made it far. As much as people want to believe it isn't a huge issue, it is for a lot of people and for America. Adam Lambert really won American Idol, but he didn't. He has the more notoriety and is the more successful artist. America doesn't want to vote for someone who is gay. It is a family-friendly show, and I guess right now being gay isn't family friendly. 

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What do you mean?

Todrick was a contestant on Idol's Season 9.
It's a touchy subject for kids. They just want to look at lollipops and rainbows, not talk about sexuality. I don't know if it will ever get to the point where Barney has two gay kids. At least not until the chain is broken, but some people are set in their ways. It's going to take things like where in movies being gay isn't a problem and for people to see it is just a part of life. Some people are gay, some people are straight, and some date outside of their relationship; and it doesn't affect me and my life. I just think life is too short. Too many people in the world have too much time on their hands to worry about what other people are doing.

Does American Idol not discuss sexuality at all to keep it "family friendly"? I remember when Adam Lambert went on to sing "Aftermath" they never directly referenced that the song's profits were going to an LGBT organization.
I do know that the American Idol team is very supportive and would never have told someone not to come out. If someone doesn't want to come out, then that is their own decision. They ask you questions about if you have any lewd pictures or videos just because they want to know. But they would never disclose it. They had Ellen on the show and a lot of openly gay people on the show. There are a lot of homosexual people behind the scenes.

What was American Idol like behind the scenes? What are some of your favorite and not-so-favorite moments from the show? I definitely loved your creativity, and I thought your arrangement of “Since U Been Gone” was awesome.
My not-so-favorite moment was getting kicked off, that's for sure. The whole thing is like a whirlwind because it happens so fast. When I think back on it, I honestly didn't think I'd make it that far when I auditioned. Everybody who has ever been on that show say if they could go back they'd do better. In the moment, you are so nervous and you never know if you are going to come back. The producers would tell you to do stuff.

Like what?
They told me not to riff when they didn't want me to. I should have put myself out to America as I wanted to be. I feel like I would've made it further if I didn't change things at the last minute just because one song was more popular. At the end of the day, America just wants to see a black girl sing Whitney Houston and a rocker sing Linkin Park. They don't want you to go outside of the box.

Was it..
It was a lot of fun. I got to do a lot of things after Idol. I headlined Hairspray. I did Memphis on Broadway when it won a Tony Award. I got a lot of friends from it, too.

Todrick with Adam Shankman, Vanessa Hudgens,and Zac Efron
backstage on his opening night of Memphis on Broadway.
I feel like if you have competed on American Idol, you are automatically a member of this club of all past contestants. Everyone seems to get along pretty well.
It does feel like a club because we all share the same experiences. We just did a shot from Idol seasons 1-10, and it felt like a big reunion even though I hadn't met most of those people before. I've seen them in interviews and on tv. I really enjoyed it a lot.

What's it like going back? I saw that you went to the finale this year.
When you go back to Idol, all the producers are so nice. I didn't have any tickets and they gave me tickets for the 7th or 8th row. They still treat you like you are part of the family even though you didn't win, and they appreciate you. I wish I would've done it this season because these judges really would've appreciated me and what I wanted to do.

How so?
Last year a lot of people just did karaoke-type performances. I made my songs my own. Everyone has to agree that I didn't just go up there and sing the songs how they were written. It's difficult for me to sing songs how they were written. I like to perform and put on a show and dance. I would've fit in way better with these judges. Plus, Beyonce was on the stage.

You do love Beyonce. How can people find you and your music now?
They can find me on Twitter (view here), YouTube (view here), Facebook (view here), and iTunes (view here). I'm going to start doing a lot more YouTube videos because I just made partner. I want to get more views and subscribers and expand my fan base. Even if I get on Glee, I'm still going to sing at restaurants and do flash mobs and YouTube videos. I love getting feedback. These people don't know me so they'll tell me exactly what they feel and be honest. When the general consensus is that something isn't your best work, it makes you strive harder to put up videos of better quality.

What about singing or acting?
I wanna be on Glee! It's amazing how the internet works. Less than 24 hours after I posted the video, Ryan Murphy received the video. They sent it to the executive producers and then to casting. I'm meeting with casting soon, so hopefully I'll get a spot on the show. Being on Glee would be way bigger than American Idol. Every day Glee people request me on Facebook and stuff.

Well, I've always been a big fan of yours and wish you the best luck. Thank you so much for doing this interview. I hope more people check you and your music out now.
Thanks. Let me know if I can do anything else to help out.


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  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I am disappointed in a lot of this, especially his comments about Santana (she's a lesbian, get over yourself) and Kurt (I'm a straight female, and I've been buying more of his songs off of iTunes than any of the straight male characters')

  2. I agree. He sounds like he's a self-hater!

  3. I don't think he meant that in a negative way at all. He was joking about turning the Santana character straight. About the Chris Colfer comment, I just think different people's music appeals to different crowds. I don't think Chris Colfer is going after the same crowd as Adam Lambert or Ricky Martin either.

    I do understand where some of the things he said could come off as negative, but I really don't think they were said with bad intentions.

  4. He's not a self hater. He's an ambitious a@@.
    He's trying real hard to play both sides of the road. He was being insulting and negative but only because he truly thinks he's better than other people. His interview His interview showed little to no understanding, caring, knowledge or desire to understand or see he was being insulting. "Sure I'm Gay and I'll use the gay media to promote myself but only till the wider mainstream media picks up on how great I am. So don't make it all about my sexuality. Sure I'll become a GAY ICON (cause it's that easy and I FREAKN ROCK!) but only after GLEE lets me grace them with my presence, I kick that queer Colfer outa the #1 spot and show them what a real man is like even if I am gay, I'm not gay like that!"

  5. Oh God ... Can we please stop it with the 'Adam Lambert lost b/c he's gay' bull shit?

  6. BTW, I watched his season on AI, and it's true that he changed the songs and 'made them his own' but that doesn't change the fact that they were TERRIBLE.

  7. Anonymous7:39 AM

    This interview is gross. And, hey, buddy, a lot of teenage girls (and women) do love Chris Colfer "that way." Or have you never encountered fandom before? And his comments about Santana...

  8. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Doesn't he know how hypocritical and backwards he's being? Why does he think Chris Colfer can't generate a fangirl audience 'that' way, yet he thinks him playing a straight guy might sway Santana to play for his team?

    This whole entire article is indeed gross and insulting on so many levels.

  9. Anonymous10:29 AM

    You're a joke todrick. Your views on being gay is horrible and you shouldn't be on Glee. You're horrible and I will fight To NOT get you on glee. YOU DON'T DESERVE IT.

    Ps. You just made yourself sound like a complete Ass!!

  10. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Sorry, but... what a dickhead. What he said about Chris Colfer and Santana? ... just a dickhead.

  11. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I can't believe he said something like that. Santana are never going to turn straight (she was with a lot of guys and she still turned out lesbian) and Chris Colfer can be liked "that way"...

    I really don't hope he come on Glee when he has that attitude...

  12. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Okay. What the hell. What a complete arse hole. How can he just think that coming out publicly automatically makes you a gay icon??? THAT IS NOT EVEN TRUE. Self obsessed dick head. ALSO HAW DARE HE SAY THAT MANY FANGIRLS DON'T LOVE CHRIS COLFER IN 'THAT WAY' I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW SIR JUST BECAUSE HE IS GAY DOES NOT MAKE HIM ANY LESS ATTRACTIVE OR SEXY. INFACT MANY PEOPLE FIND IT INCREDIBLY SEXY. AND THOSE PEOPLE INCLUDE ME.
    You cannot say things that you don't know are true.

    BTW: If you join Glee I will automatically hate your character.
    BTW2: You cannot take Mercedes away from Sam or Santana away from Brittany.

  13. Anonymous10:47 AM

    this interview made me wanna throw up. I really liked the interviewer though, it seemed that he didnt like the guy either . I hope that Ryan Murhpy realises that he he doesnt fit to the cast at all.

    Argh my mood went down right away when read it.
    I think the needs to check his facts, Chris Colfer is the most popular in the Glee fandom and he isnt just pretty face, he doesnt go and insult people, he saves lives . And he does have many fangirls who whish to be gay man because of him.
    honestly all I got from this interview is that this guy is full bullshit.

    as a Gleek I would never like to see him on Glee.

  14. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Well, after this article, I have to believe he won't be on Glee, and it's not because of his rude comments, but because of this one:
    "And I'd like to use Glee as a stepping stone. I want to be a recording artist, and a lot of the demographic I want to reach is teenage girls."
    Throw out the teenage girl thing and what you're left with is the public statement that this douche wants to use Glee and its popularity to become a recording artist.

    Sorry, bud. That isn't going to happen. Remember in the fall of season 2 when they essentially benched Mark Salling because he was spending too much time on his own interests and not enough time on Glee itself? The minute it gets back to the producers that Todrick wants to use Glee as a "stepping stone" to what he seems to believe are greater things, his resume will be put in the "no" pile.

  15. Victoria10:54 AM

    This is a disgusting interview, and I hope Ryan sees is and makes sure is to stay far away from any role on Glee.
    For 1. Im sorry mister, but are you saying there isn't a whole force of fangirls squeeling of Chris Colfer in THAT way? More than the amount of girls squeeling for you thats for sure. 2. Darren Criss is indeed playing a gay character, but Im pretty sure most of the world wont have any problem picturing him in a role as a straight man in a relationship.

    This was gross and I believe (i sure hope) you ruined all your chances on getting a part on Glee.

  16. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Don't you ever let me see him on Glee...
    This is disgusting and he doesn't deserve to be on Glee.

  17. Anonymous11:09 AM

    >: |

  18. Anonymous11:09 AM

    This guy is awful. Internalised homophobia is not a pretty sight.

    What he said about Chris and about Santana is just horrible. He needs to get over himself.

  19. Anonymous11:11 AM

    This is disgusting. Think about the implications of what you say, and educate yourself a little bit.

    1) Girls don't think of Chris in that way? How do you know? Because I assure you, plenty do. And you are implying that what, a straight woman can not find a gay man attractive?

    2) No. You're character will not change Santana's sexuality. SHE. IS. A. LESBIAN. She doesn't NEED to change, and she won't. There is no changing who you are.

    I hope Glee stays as far away from this man as possible.

  20. Anonymous11:13 AM


  21. Adrianna11:13 AM

    This makes me cringe, oh goodness. First and foremost, I hope he doesn't get a role on Glee. All of his comments were immensely disrespectful and I hope no one puts up with it. Santana's not going to changer her sexuality and, yes, Chris Colfer is loved by many teenage girls. Todrick seems incredibly ignorant.

  22. There's a lot to say, but I'm too infuriated to find the words to say all of it right now. I'll start with this simple fact: I'm a sixteen year old girl, and I love Chris Colfer. Yes, in that way. And that way, too. He's amazing, immensely talented, incredibly inspiring, and damned attractive. And that's not even a drop in the bucket.
    Also, as someone who identifies as a part of the LGBT community, the implications of your attitude and your answers are largely insulting and hurtful. That's not the kind of attitude we need from Glee cast members or any member of society.

  23. Anonymous11:14 AM

    This interview is ridiculous and full of absolute bullshit. You can't claim to be gay and then say 'Oh, well I'll just change a gay character's sexuality so I can date her'. No. It doesn't work like that.

    Also, you just lost any and all respect teenage girls had for you. The ones who watch Glee at least.

    The Glee set doesn't need your filth around. If I see you on Glee, I'm going to lose all faith in Ryan, Brad, and the casting department. They shouldn't let arrogant assholes like you onto their show. Good luck trying to make it now.

  24. Anonymous11:14 AM

    This guy does NOT deserve to be on Glee. He should be ashamed of himself for saying things like that.

    Santana IS a lesbian, get over it. This whole season was leading up to her figuring out who she is. To think he can change that? What is wrong with him? Her storyline has helped so many girls find their own and he wants to ruin that?

    And the Chris Colfer comments...I seriously can't fathom why he think that he doesn't appeal to teenage girls. I'm pretty sure his sexuality does not change our minds on him. He is a great actor, incredible writer, and has achieved more than this guy will EVER come close to achieving. He is inspiring and so much more than just the typical stereotype. Have you ever really seen Chris talk about how he is gay? No. He talks of playing a gay character but his personal life is never out there for everyone to see. He is as admirable as anyone else that this guy is talking about.

    I don't think he should be on Glee and shouldn't even get a second glance from Ryan, Ian OR Brad after the things that he said in this interview.

  25. Anonymous11:16 AM

    You can't "change" Santana's sexuality, dumbass. I'm sorry, but I don't want this person on Glee. All those things about not wanting to be a gay role model. I'm glad Chris and Darren don't have those problems.

    Also, a lot of people DO think of Chris in 'that way'. So there.

  26. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Listen, hun, people like you are the exact people I stay away from. Sexuality cannot CHANGE, denying your sexuality will not HELP THE COUNTRY GROW. THe only way the world will grow less homophobic is if bigoted assholes like you accept who people are. Look at Darren Criss. He has made it very clear that he is a straight man, and he is still up there, fighting hard for LGBT rights because he knows how to be a tolerant, kind human being. Unlike you.

    I pray to whatever god is out there that Glee steers clear of you and your stupid lies.

  27. Artemismoon1211:16 AM

    Umm, I understand where he is coming from but he's being a little full of himself.
    Just because you play gay doesn't mean you're going to be steryotyped as such; Darren Criss is still getting tons of fangirls despite his heterosexulaity offscreen. Not to mention I personally think there is at least three times as many girls willing to go after Chris Colfer than Todrick and the rest of the male cast combined, so he's being a little narrowminded. Plus if he knows about the LGBT community he knows that people are born gay, you can't choose it, thus even if Santana is just a TV character his apperance isn't going to change that. She'd more likely trounce him and shove him into a locker than date him.
    I liked the I wanna be on Glee video but reading this he's being very undiplomatic and narrowminded. This is horrible, Todrick I DON'T want you to be on Glee.
    Plus any slight against Chris Colfer, "smart" move, now the internet hates you.

  28. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Also, I forgot to add, I'm 18 years old and find Chris Colfer very attractive. YES, IN "THAT WAY."

    Get over yourself and please stay off the show.

  29. Anonymous11:18 AM


    Okay, first off, Mr. Hall haw apparentely never been to tumblr, as there are TONS of ladies there who find Mr. Colfer an inspiration and, in some cases, sexually attractive.
    I also don't really get how his character could find Santana hot when girls can't find Mr. Colfer hot?

    And secondly, Mr. Hall's dick doesn't have any magical powers of conversion. I hope he never even gets remotely close to being casted.

  30. Anonymous11:20 AM


  31. Anonymous11:20 AM

    it's okay to not like things, but don't be a dick about it

  32. I'm really disappointed with some of the commentary Todrick is making in relation to the motivations behind his desires to be on Glee as well as his commentary on the nature of being gay. He says he wants to be on Glee to use it as a stepping stone to become a recording artist; he already has American Idol as a huge platform for that. Not to mention that his motivations to be on Glee are not the same, positive motivations that other cast members have of reaching out to isolated groups of people and helping them feel as if they are not alone.

    What also upsets me is the comment that teenage girls don't like him "that way". This makes it sound as if he doesn't want to become a "gay icon" because if he does, then the teenage girl isn't going to buy his music. Contrary to popular belief, there are teenage girls in this country who have minds of their own, who understand that a person is a person no matter their race, sexuality, or physical appearance. He's making it clear that he's aiming for this demographic of teenage girls and he's promoting the message that that can only be done by being a physically attractive, straight male. And that's just simply not true, because I think a lot of people look up to Chris Colfer, for example, and his character as Kurt, and the music that he's making and the messages that he's sending, messages to love who you are.

    I'm also upset by the comment "They just want to look at lollipops and rainbows, not talk about sexuality". I understand what he's saying, I guess, but this is incredibly condescending and often not even true. He's not giving enough credit to the thoughtfullness and the capacity of young people to desire and inspire change in their communities, especially after receiving messages from the media about the necessity of those changes. Just because kids want to look at "lollipops and rainbows" doesn't meant that they have the intelligence to understand that some people are some way and some people are another, and ignoring that promotes the message that everyone fits into one group, which furthers isolation of members of another group.

    I'm just really upset with this message, and I honestly don't believe that someone like this should be on Glee if these are the messages he's choosing to send.

  33. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I hope to God Ryan Murphy sees this. This person is disgusting to me.

  34. Anonymous11:28 AM

    This is offensive.

  35. I forgot to mention my frustration with him saying that he thinks that he can change Santana's sexuality. This really just fails to make sense to me, especially because he is gay and he previously said in the interview that gay people are born that way, that's the way they are, and they should be accepted the same way anyone else is accepted. I don't understand why he, a gay male who has made comments on how you can't change someone's sexuality, could possibly think that it would be okay to say that he could change the sexuality of a character, especially when that character has come so far in beginning to accept herself for who she actually is.

  36. Rachel11:29 AM

    You are completely insane if you think your *character* would be able to break up Brittana. Santana is a lesbian, first of all. Second of all, she's in love with her best friend. You're a fool if you think you can swoop in and mess up a story line that has been in the works since the beginning. Plus Naya would probably laugh at you.

  37. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Please, please, please never be on Glee. There is so much wrong with what Todrick has said here, I don't even know how to articulate it. Fine, whatever, if he doesn't want to play a gay character that's his choice. But saying that girls don't like Chris Colfer because he's gay is A) offensive and B) ridiculously untrue. Has he spoken to a female Glee fan? Also, the idea that he could "change" Santana's sexuality if she's a lesbian is so offensive I don't even have words for it.

  38. The ego on this guy is insane. Toderick, dude... Tumblr has found you, and is already beginning to destroy you. And this is why we... No, no. The lesson is to deflate your head and use your words wisely. tsk tsk. Can't hear with all that hot air in your head, huh?

  39. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Glee is about embracing the underdog, and even though it's sad, the lgbt community is an underdog. If you want to be on glee, you shouldn't be so shallow and you should be willing to come up for your own rights. Make a difference.

    And most important: If you really wanted to be on Glee, you would have seen that as your goal, not as a "stepping stone". Glee is better than that.

    By the way, Ryan Murphy has clearly stated that Santana is lesbian and will no longer be attracted to boys. Your giant ego will have to accept that even YOU can't change that.

    And for the record, I am an 18 year old (straight) girl and I think Chris Colfer and Darren Criss (who is straight, but plays a gay character) are the hottest guys on glee. What they do for the lgbt community makes them 100 times the person you want to be; a recording artist, who wants to reach teenage girls.

    Please. As if we don't have enough of those. If you want to be that, I suggest you stop getting on glee, and start becoming friends with Usher. Maybe he could make you the next Justin Bieber *rolls eyes*.

  40. Anonymous11:42 AM

    You pretty much just slapped Ryan Murphy and all the other writers in the face by insinuating that their story lines aren't genuine i.e. "Isn't Santana a lesbian? I think my character could change that."

  41. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Clearly he only sees Glee as a "stepping stone" as he said so himself, without caring for the message of the show. He may be anti-bullying, but he's not egalitarian either.

    Move over, kid. Sound-minded people would not give a shit about you because of your attitude.

  42. Anonymous11:42 AM


  43. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Although I have many issues with your opinions on the LGBT characters on Glee, along with the way you view Chris Colfer, they are your opinions. However, the way you come right out and say you want to use Glee as a stepping stone to accomplish your own goals is a little ridiculous. When you are cast on a show, especially one with the noteriety of Glee, you should be focused on what you can do for that show, its characters and its plotlines; not the way it can boost your career for after you leave the show. Overall, not a fan.

  44. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Please, please PLEASE don't let him be on Glee. I think the article speaks for itself as for why that guy is all wrong.

  45. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Oh, and Chris Colfer is selling SEX to teenage girls. He is the best-looking guy on Glee, probably. I am a teenage girl, and I love Chris Colfer. In that way too.

  46. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Oh, come on people. I'm sure Todrick didn't want to insult anybody. Poor boy just can't hear himself over his ego.

  47. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I'm a fifteen year old girl, and I love Chris Colfer THAT way!

  48. Anonymous11:51 AM

    1) It's obvious that he was joking about Santana, but it's just such a dumb cocky straight guy (or severe closet case) joke that it turns out being much more annoying and not all that funny.

    2) Chris Colfer? Cute as hell, totally attractive. I'm a 22 year old woman, but I also know a lot of teen girls who find him attractive as well.

    3) If America is ready for Kurt/Blaine on fricking Fox, I'm pretty damn sure it's ready to see an American Idol gay winner.

    In conclussion: Keep up with the new generation, Todrick.

    And know that exposing kids today to lgbt characters/storylines/celebs/etc is exactly the way to get the next generation to be even more open minded about all these subjects.

  49. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I'm pretty sure your head is just a little inflated by the amount of publicity you has already generated. The response to this article however should give you a nice kick up the ass. Probably by Santana.

    Right now, you are so below Chris Colfer it's laughable. Get over yourself.

  50. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Santana's not changing. Deal with it.

  51. Anonymous11:53 AM

    There are so many offensive things in this article where do I even begin.

    1.Being gay does not make someone sexually unattractive.I'm a straight teenage girl and I think Chris Colfer is the hottest guy on Glee.His sexuality on the show and off it doesn't change a thing.

    2.Santana is a LESBIAN.That can not be changed.It's not a choice or a decision it's what she is.You can change your hair and your clothes but you can't change your sexuality.The fact that you think it can be changed is offensive on so many levels.

    I can stare at vagina all day and it's not going to make me gay.You know why?Because I am heterosexual.It's the same with Santana.

    I hope Ryan,Ian,and Brad see this and deep fry his stupid ass.

  52. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Wow, whatta douche. I'm almost glad he doesn't want to become a "gay icon" (jkadsfh so problematic) because I honestly wouldn't want him representing my community.

  53. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Such an arrogant!I don't want him on Glee
    His comment on Chris and Santana were really stupid
    He has no idea what he's talking about

  54. You can't claim that it's important to have gay characters on a show and that you yourself are gay, and then say that your character could change Santana's sexuality. It's offensive and hurtful.

  55. I don't want him on Glee, dude's arrogant and full of shit and I am a girl, I love Chris "that way" and if you're gonna split Brittana, then fuck season 3.

  56. Anonymous11:58 AM

    um yes a lot of fans find Chris Colfer attractive in THAT way.
    and Santana is a lesbian- there is no changing that it's the way she is.

    I really hope you DON'T get a role on Glee because your attitude sucks

  57. wickedjo12:02 PM

    So he doesn't think teenage girls like Chris Colfer that way huh?

    You must be new.

    I'm 20 so, not a teen anymore but I can assure you tons of girls and women all over the world think he's sexy as hell. Him being gay doesn't change that.

  58. DurrnCrist12:07 PM

    Fuck this guy. Chris Colfer is GORGEOUS and intelligent and humble. He's faaar mor my type than this guy ever would be.

    Also Santana doesn't want you, bruh. Any love interest she's getting from now on will be female.

  59. Meggie12:08 PM

    Oh dear god - so much wrong with this one single interview.

    If a girl tried to change your sexuality- how easy would that be?
    Santana is a wonderful character with an outstandingly effective and fondly written story. Nobody - not even a new character you evisage yourself having - could change that. It's extremely arrogant to say so.

    As for Chris Colfer. His fanbase is hugely vast and extremely diverse. AN ENORMOUS amount of those fans are girls of all ages.
    Regardless of if we think Chris is attractive or not (I'm a 22 year old female) and I DO ... that had no basis for our respect, love, affection and respect for him.

    He's a lovely, kind, talented, likeable, funny, diverse, giving and highly respected guy and for you to insinuate what you did in this article is not only offensive to his talent, other work and his excellent contribution to the cause of gay rights (which was never his intention), the problem of teen bullying - it's offensive to his very loyal fans.

    Please consider interviews an important opportunity to have your voice heard BUT consider that EVERYONE can read these things - you make many disappointing comments in this interview.

    Glee is show that does so well to promote acceptance, tolerance and happiness. This interview just made me feel uncomfortable.

  60. Santana12:14 PM

    I will cut you.

  61. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I hope glee casting doesn't hire him after this. PLEASE!
    Chris Colfer is more of a sexual icon than Toddrick will ever be.

    I am a young adult female and I think he is gorgeous and very sexually attractive.



    He is so arrogant and needs to not be the next New Directions person because he has a horrible personality.


  62. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I don't think he understands what it means to be on Glee. Dear Mr. Hall, it's much more than a "stepping stone". If you only think of it in that way, then you're not deserving to be chosen to be a part of such an inspiring cast.

    Glee is all about being who you are. You don't want to be called a gay icon? You're afraid of being stereotyped? Well, you're doing it now. Congratulations.

    And fyi, I, along with thousands of other people (see other comments here), can assure you that I love Chris Colfer in THAT way.

    Also, our comment about Santana... what a jerk thing to say.

    Please, Mr. Hall, re-read your answer and THINK of how could you even dare to be part of Glee.

  63. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Just reading through the comments, I agree with so many points.

    I am a 21 year old straight female and I think Chris Colfer is actually sexy as hell. He is talented and accomplished and only 21! He makes me feel like I've been asleep for my entire life as I've done nothing even close to his accomplishments.

    I can't even type a cohesive comment because this interview has me so sickened. All I can do is pray that Ryan Murphy sees what a despicable person Todrick is.

    Oh, and "Toddy"? You ain't gonna be on Glee. We won't let you.

  64. Dear Mr. Hall,
    I do like Chris Colfer in that way. I think he is a perfect human being who is doing so much to make this world a better place. Chris Colfer is loved by not only teenage girls but by millions of other people. I'm so glad we found this interview. You don't want to be sterotyped as gay? Congrats, you're not. Now you are sterotyped as an ASSHOLE. Also you can not change Santana from being a lesbian. Especially if she was born that way. They had a 90 minute episode on it. Obviously you were never paying attention to what Glee is about. You discuss me...
    Someone who loves Chris Colfer THAT WAY.

  65. Santana12:33 PM

    No me gusta.

  66. Anonymous12:33 PM

    To Todrick,

    Okay, you just said like 10 offensive things. I’m going to ask you to stop, because I’m starting to get embarrassed for you.



  68. Anonymous12:35 PM

    1) Chris Colfer is HOT in EVERY way!

    2) Santana is a lesbian. Get over it!

    3) You need to overcome your internalized homophobia as well as your sissyphobia. Not only "manly" guys, like you think you are, are sexy and attractive to teenage girls or gays, you know.

  69. Dear Mr. Hall,

    I don't think that you mean your joke about whatever character you play turning Santana straight seriously. I'm going to believe that because I'm sure that, as a gay man, you've heard and seen enough bullshit about 'oh, you just haven't met the right girl/guy' yet. And, after all, you did make that It Gets Better song. However, as a member of the LGBTQ community, I am severely disappointed that you would make that joke. It's highly insensitive to play into the idea that sexuality can be changed and control, because it can't, and to joke about it is to joke about the pain and suffering of millions of others who are surrounded by people who think that they should just, you know, try a little harder to be straight. Not cool.

    I also think that your comments about Chris Colfer are extremely shortsighted. One, it's not a good move on the career front because Mr. Colfer is the darling of the show and he has millions of fans world wide. He was on Time's 100 Most Influential list this year, he won a Golden Globe, he has been nominated for several awards, he just sold a television pilot, he's making a movie from a script he directed, and he's writing two books. (What have you done lately?) He is young, attractive, and out. People, teenage girls especially, love him.

    Why on earth do you think his character is so popular? He is both talented and hot. Seriously, have you SEEN his photoshoots?

    It's also highly unprofessional to say that you wish to use a project or a show as a stepping stone. You are, as a professional, supposed to give your all to everything that you sign onto. If you're too busy focusing on making your career "better" and doing so in a way that suggests that you aren't serious about your work, no one is going to want to work with you. I say this as someone who knows people who work in the entertainment industry, both as actors and as behind-the-scenes people.

    And that's not even getting into your characterization of teenage girls. Nicely done, Mr. Hall, you have managed to aliante Glee's main fan base by suggesting that they're shallow. And then there's the rest of this interview, which is just as problematic.

    a disappointed queer girl

  70. How does one even respond to this?
    While on one hand I can rationalize and understand some (or rather, very few) of this man's ambitions/opinions, for the most part I am appalled by what I just read. Ryan Murphy has confirmed Santana's sexuality and his desire to keep it as it is, and the comment (a frail attempt at humor?) comes off as insulting. As for the reference to Chris - I hardly want to get into that, as anything that is not praise for that boy hurts me personally. Plenty of girls (including myself, thank you very much!) find Chris Colfer immensely attractive, aside from modest and extremely talented. Mr. Hall would do well to take a page from Chris's book. (Did you know he's writing one, by the way, Todrick? Because he pursues his passions, not just goals that will further his career and gain him a certain demographic.)
    The underlying arrogance in this interview is scalding. I would be most displeased to see him on Glee. This is not the type of energy that the current cast we know and love is famous for giving off.
    And don't flatter yourself, Mr. Hall. The LGBT community doesn't need an icon like you.

  71. I could see how he was being sarcastic with his character changing Santana's orientation, but even then its just NO.

    And Chris Colfer DOES sell to teenage girls.
    The screams at Glee Live for him are enough said, he has one of the biggest receptions. He is one the most popular and loved characters. What about all this translates to having a hard time selling to teenage girls? He seems to be doing just fine to me. Right up there or even beyond the straight guys in the cast.

  72. Anonymous12:48 PM

    This guy should not be on Glee. Saying that he could change Santana's sexuality is offensive. It hurts my feelings, as a bisexual, for it implies that my "lifestyle" (I'm a girl) is chosen.
    Also, his insulting Chris Colfer is completely uncalled for. In fact, Chris Colfer is one of the few men I am attracted to.
    Mr. Hall is a disgrace to the LGBT community, and a disgrace to the name of glee.

  73. Anonymous12:50 PM

    He better not get on Glee, that's all I can say. I hope Ryan Murphy sees these comments and makes the right decision. The fans just don't like his attitude. Who is he to speak about Chris like that? Who is he to say he'll turn a gay character straight for his own benefit? Who is he to flat out say he won't play a gay character when in reality, it is Ryan Murphy who will create his character, gay or not, would he be so lucky! This dude is way too obnoxious and self centered for my taste!

    He IS very talented, though. I'm sure he'll be able to find work elsewhere, easily. Just not on Glee because he just isn't what it's about.

  74. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Honestly, you just want to use Glee to boost your career, and that's not what the show is about. Glee is an amazing, uplifting show, targeted at those who think they aren't good enough. You would totally kill that concept with your vain manner. Who goes BEGGING to be on Glee? Glee finds unknown talent and makes them into stars, aka, for ONE example, Chris Colfer. Chris is twice the man you are. Humble, for one. Actually cares about the people he's reaching out to, for two, not caring about HIMSELF. And by the way, Chris might be gay, but he's gorgeous, has me wishing everyday to be what he's interested in. I didn't care about you on Idol. I don't care about you now. I hope your begging leads you no where.

  75. Anonymous12:51 PM

    If this idiot gets on Glee I will refuse to watch.

  76. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I'd bang Chris over this douche any day.

  77. Anonymous12:53 PM

    So he'd rather be a sex symbol than someone who inspires gays all over the world and gives people hope for a better tomorrow.

    Right, because that's totally what Glee's about. This guys sex.

  78. Anonymous12:54 PM

    He's trying too hard. It's even painful to read about. Ryan Murphy, DO NOT PUT HIM ON GLEE!

  79. Anonymous12:56 PM

    This guy is insulting and pathetic.

  80. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Glee saved my life because of the characters Kurt and Santana. Thanks for slapping that in the face, Mr. Hall.

  81. Anonymous1:05 PM

    No. You know what? Fuck you. You want to turn a lesbian character STRAIGHT, like it is a CHOICE? Nice way to completely go against the movement.
    And you say we don't RESPECT AND ADMIRE Chris Colfer, a man who has earned a mentioned on the most influential list? I would like to see you try the same. I doubt you could, though, especially with this attitude.

    Greetings from a teen boy.

  82. Arvie1:06 PM

    lol go away
    this was the most offensive thing i've seen in ages.
    good luck getting into show business while disliking the LGBT community douchebag

  83. Isn't Santana a lesbian?
    I think my character could change that.

    ...Wow. First of all, you don't even HAVE a character, this is all just some fantasy you made up in your head. If you REALLY wanted to get a role on Glee, the last thing you should've done was speak out against gay characters and all that the show has done. Good luck with that audition. I'm sure Ryan, Ian, and Brad will check out this interview.

  84. Anonymous1:12 PM

    This is just a really, really terrible interview. I was actually a fan of your Todrick but this? Really? Not anymore.
    You can't just insult Chris Colfer and not expect his fans to come after you. Chris has got to be one of the most popular characters on the show! And yes, girls see him in that way. I don't understand how you can say that girls don't see him 'in that way' but they will see YOU 'in that way'.
    And saying that YOU showing up at McKinley is going to magically turn Santana straight? Do you even understand what you just said?
    This is extremely disappointing.

  85. Anonymous1:12 PM

    You don't deserve to be on Glee with views like this! I am honestly disgusted. I am a straight girl and I am INCREDIBLY offended and hurt. Your views on Chris Colfer are completely wrong AND hurtful to his fans and himself.
    Good luck on making it into the show, because I have a strange suspicion you'll be the first cast member hated.

  86. say-what-on-a-crack-stick1:22 PM

    i could write a huge rant about how wrong this whole interview is because glee is NOT a stepping stone, you can't change santana, the main of chris' fanbase is teenage girls and so on and so fourth but instead i'm just gonna sit here and laugh because you must be new

  87. Anonymous1:25 PM

    This is seriously disturbing. :/ This guy could have gone a really long way, I think, but he smashed himself down from the get-go by being a self-absorbed, insensitive, judgmental creep. I wish I could find something...SOMETHING...positive to say but all I can think is 'What a jerk.' Blah. I hope he stays far away from Glee, to be perfectly honest.

  88. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Seriously, you need to gtfo. This is just ridiculous. So many offensive things in his. Even if you were misconstrued in parts, this would still be offensive, judgmental, insensitive, and highly ego-maniacal.

  89. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I have no words for this interview, really. But the fact that this man would go on twitter and hand out his PHONE NUMBER in attempt to play the helpless victim to an interviewer that 'twisted his words'... disgusting.

    If there is one thing you learn from this experience, Mr. Hall, I hope it's that shows like GLEE, that help promote awareness and give many people a sense of purpose and hope, are not there for your own self promotion. There are many young people out there who have stopped SUICIDE attempts because they finally saw their situation played out on television and decided, "Hey, you know maybe there's hope for me after all. I deserve to live too. If Kurt can do it, I can too."

    I pray to GOD that Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk don't cast you. If that incredible misfortune were to happen, I'm afraid that the show would take a hit from upset fans, who would be RIGHTLY justified in boycotting the show that gave them hope.

    How DARE you assume that being gay has anything to do with having fans that love and appreciate you? It's actually funny in a way, considering the amount of hate you're getting from all the Chris Colfer fans who now scowl at the mention of your name. But I guess Chris Colfer doesn't have any fans, does he? Not according to you, he shouldn't just because he happens to be gay... oh how you're eating your words right now, aren't you?

    I have a feeling, Mr. Hall, that I know EXACTLY how your casting is going to go. And it doesn't end in joy. :)

    Natalie (a LESBIAN woman. But I guess you could change that, couldn't you?)

  90. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Oh my god. My views on him completely changed after reading this. He comes off fame hungry and conceited as hell. I DO NOT want him on Glee now. AT ALL. Ugh, this interview disgusted me.

  91. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I understand that he doesn't want to be a "gay icon" but that doesn't give him permission to demean the LGBTQ community by declaring that he can "turn Santana straight." This is disgusting.

  92. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Sorry bud, we don't really want you on Glee if you're going to say offensive things about Santana's sexuality and how teenage girls don't like Chris Colfer in "that" way because you are completely wrong on both counts.

  93. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Wow, what a tool. I didn't know who he was before and now I have good reason to stay away. I really, really hope you never get cast on Glee because it would demean so much of the good work they do.

  94. Anonymous3:27 PM

    His ignorance about the LGBT community is astounding. He is the opposite of everything Glee is about and that makes me sad for him. Perhaps he could someday be educated, but for right now, he does NOT belong on a show like Glee.

  95. No offense but no one even knows who he is and now even less people are going to want to...congratulations you've just got a lot important fans against don't deserve to be on glee if all you are looking for is fame..

    You can't change someone into another sexuality...Santana is a lesbian get over it..

    "It is a family-friendly show" If you are talking about Glee then you don't even know the show..RIB have stated many times that is not a family-friendly show there are a lot of issues discussed that are not exactly family friendly (and no i'm not talking about the gay storyline)

    "I feel like Chris Colfer would have a hard time selling to teenage girls. (Laughs)"
    Do you live under a rock? Girls LOVE Chris Colfer!!

    BTW Congrats on getting all of Chris Colfer's fans to hate you..that is quite an accomplishment

  96. Anonymous3:34 PM

    He is just going against everything Glee stands for, and if he wants to be on Glee, he can't do that.
    I don't think that he would bring anything to the show and I do hope that he doesn't get a spot.

    And, I am a teenage girl and I do like Chris Colfer in 'that' way.

  97. Anonymous4:02 PM

    you just insulted me to the upmost degree. I cannot even finish the article. You are cocky, arrogant and unlikable. Almost everything you said about being gay and gay rights and such is completely rude and ignorant. That comment about Santana 'turning straight' because of your character was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Honestly, do you think that's how it works? You go against everything Glee stands for and I hope never to see your face on that show.
    Sincerely, a Glee fan/gay rights activist

    PS, I will have you know that as a straight, Teenage girl, I find Chris Colfer one of the most attractive mean alive.

  98. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Oh, I feel bad for you Mr. Hall. By insulting both the Glee writers and the LGBT community, i'm pretty sure you just ruined your chances for being on the show and probably any other in the near future.

    I hope you're making a lot of money off of Youtube because that looks like the only gig you'll have for a while...

  99. Anonymous4:21 PM

    There are so many things wrong with the content of this article that I don't even know where to begin. The majority of what he says is offensive and/or contradictory, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

    First of all, Santana is a lesbian. Closeted, but she likes girls nonetheless. The writers of Glee are pretty damn adamant about that. So she would have zero interest in a male character.

    Talking about becoming a "gay icon" like it's a bad thing is upsetting on so many levels, especially coming from a gay male.

    Chris Colfer's sexuality does NOT invalidate his sex appeal. He is considered to be extremely attractive by a multitude of fans of all sexes and sexual preferences. Implying that he's not "hot" by teenage girl standards just because he's gay is both ridiculous and incredibly rude. There are hundreds of thousands of people that recognize how sexy Chris Colfer is, if not more, teenage girls included. This is the 21st century.

    Playing a gay character, regardless of sexuality, does NOT automatically make one a "gay icon." Each actor can choose to be in the spotlight regarding gay issues, or they can choose not to be. And once again, speaking about the potentiality of becoming a spokesperson for gay rights as a negative thing is just wrong.

  100. Santanna4:40 PM

    Gurl, I'm lesbian for life

  101. (we all agree that a serious amount of girls find Chris Colfer sexually attractive and love him in THAT way - so no need to get into that)

    But as the teenage girl I am - are you actually saying that I will not purchase ans appreciate music from artist I am not “in love with/wanna marry/have sex with” - your incredibly shallow and condescending view on teenage girls is sickening.
    You try way to hard and you fall even harder. Take a look at Chris Colfer or Darren Criss, both portraying gay characters I might add, girls ADMIRE them and their TALENT. I wont say we don’t all appreciate their looks, but believe me - its their PERSONALITY and TALENTS that is causing the riots. Ever heard how beauty comes from the inside? Well its not all bullshit - and as far as I’m concerned you are very unattractive (no matter how straight your character would have been).

  102. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I'm about 99.9 percent sure this kid has never actually seen an episode of Glee. Because if he has, he wouldn't have stated half of this shit in the interview.

    I highly doubt the interviewer twisted your words around. You had to have said most of these things otherwise it wouldn't have been published. :/

  103. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I think this shows some serious self hatred. I also think that the world will continue to produce self-haters until we have more "gay idols". There are people out there who look at gay actors hiding their sexuality, and how can those kids be inspired to be themselves? They can't be, and that's where we get teen suicides and self harm and self hatred.
    However, this is his decision. I don't think it's right to say that he's evil or that he's being terrible. Homophobia is seeded deep in the mind. If he feels this way, it's because he's been told this hundreds of times over and over and over.

  104. Anonymous5:31 PM

    These responses are wrong and offensive in many ways.
    1. I am a teenage girl and I am very much sexually attracted to Chris Colfer. Yes, I know he is gay and famous and I don't have the slightest chance but I still find him incredibly attractive and sexy.
    2. Santana is a lesbian. This has been revealed and confirmed on the show as well as off screen by the writers and directors of the shows. Santana is in love with Brittany and does not want to be in a relationship with a man as she has no attraction to men. No matter how "cool" you claim to be, Santana will NOT be going back to straight to be with you.
    3. When I look at Kurt, Blaine, Santana, or Brittany, I don't see gay or bi characters. I see the amazing countertenor, the dapper lead singer, the fiercest girl at McKinley, and the adorabley ditzy dancer. I love these characters because of their personalities and loyalties to each other, not their sexualities. Chris Colfer didn't win a Golden Globe because he plays a gay character. He won a Golden Globe because of his outstanding portrayal on the show as a bullied and scared teen. I am a fan of them for their talents and abilities to portray such strong characters. Yes, I am sexually attracted to Darren and Chris but that is not why I support them. I support them because they have pure, raw talent.
    4. As a gay man in the public eye, shouldn't you be the first person to volunteer to be a spokesperson for the lgbt community? Lgbt individuals, especially teens, need more role models to show them not to let prejudice get to them and to stay strong. Playing a gay character on TV doesn't mean that's all the actor will ever play. Chris, Naya, and Darren are all destined to go on to play much different characters, many of which will be straight or where the sexuality is not important. Yes, they may happen to play another homosexual character, but that is not the only character they will go on to portray.

  105. Anonymous6:21 PM

    GTFO of my fandom.

  106. EXCUSE ME? "My character could change that"?
    You sir, are so out of line
    Chris Colfer is attractive to any girl or boy in the world.
    You could never be as amazing as Christopher Paul Colfer.
    Just don't join glee because I hate you and the cast, the audience and everyone is going to hate such a self hater douche

  107. Katie G7:25 PM

    Wow, how does someone who is gay come across as being totally homophobic and not understanding of gay people?

    I don't think that every gay actor should play a gay character, but the reasons cited here for not portraying a gay character are weak and pathetic. He should be so lucky as to be considered a gay icon. In fact, I don't even want him portraying me or any of my gay friends in the media.

    After reading this his "It Gets Better" song seems exploitative and wrong and I regret ever thinking he was a good person for releasing it. This article is offensive on many, many different levels and I really hope he never makes it on Glee.

    Also, I'm really sorry that Adam Lambert didn't win. I'm a fan of his too, but Kris Allen got more votes. Get over it, or time travel back to 2009 where that argument is still relevant. Thanks.

  108. Anonymous7:38 PM

    So.....only sneaky gays can be attractive to girls? Wow, I learn new things every day. I guess I don't have a huge fangirl crush on Chris Colfer.

    Sarcasm aside, I hope Ryan, Ian and Brad see what a douche you are.

  109. Anonymous8:02 PM

    The best thing about Glee is their wonderful cast. Every interview I've read, videos I see of them, pictures...everything about them makes me see how much they love what they do, but mostly it makes me see what wonderful people they are to truly deserve their success.

    This guy does not deserve to be graced by their presence, much less be on the very show they work so hard to bring us.

  110. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I agree with a lot of your beliefs, kid, but you aren't ready for Glee. Glee isn't a "stepping stone" for up-and-coming artists to use to get fame--it's about being who you are regardless of the consequences, and singing about it. No matter how talented you are, you don't deserve to be on Glee until you understand that. There are plenty of ways to get yourself out there, but please don't disrespect Glee this way, especially since many teens hold it as one of the only (semi-)realistic shows about high school out there.

    (Also, don't get me started on how many fangirl crushes I've seen on Blaine and Kurt.)

  111. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I AM A STRAIGHT TEENAGE GIRL AND I THINK CHRIS COLFER IS HOT AS HELL AND WOULD BUY ANYTHING HE SELLS. You on the other hand... I WILL NOT! Now go away.. WE DONT WANT YOU ON GLEE! I hope you regret saying all the stuff because you have now just ruined your career!

  112. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Good luck trying to get on Glee now that the ENTIRE Glee fandom thinks you're an ass.. =)

  113. This is insulting and offensive on so many different levels.

  114. Anonymous4:09 AM

    Dude you are a total ASSHOLE
    Im a girl and I like Chris Colfer yes in "THAT" way, yes I know he is gays SO?! That doesn't mean I wont love him. Santana is a lesbian you wont be ith her ever. DEAL WITH IT. AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ON GLEE EITHER 'CAUSE YOU ARE JUST AN ATTENTION WHORE

  115. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Chris Colfer is a STAR. He's smart, funny, IMMENSELY talented and GORGEOUS beyond belief. You are so far beneath him you're underground.

    Todrick; meet Nicole Crowther, woman-who-pulled-Darren-Criss-off-the-stage and girl-who-called-Chris-Colfer-an-asshole

    and welcome to the Fandom Black List

  116. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Mr. Hall:

    The straight man who sexually assaulted me in 2008 when he learned I am lesbian also thought that he could "change that." The men who rape and abuse lesbians and bisexual women across the world every day also think they can "change that" about them.

    What a disgusting, arrogant, and steeped in male privilege thing to say.

  117. Anonymous12:49 AM

    Dude... you need to change youre entire twitter theme cause homie... YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BE ON GLEE!

  118. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Dear GlueAmerica,

    Thank you for exposing this homophobe for who he really is. Unprofessional, disrespectful, and clueless don't even begin to describe him.

    Also, SHAME ON YOU for promoting this individual. Your tacit support for his "Glee Wannabe" ploy, which only serves to disgust me, shows a severe lack of understanding of Glee and what it means to its fans.

    Not Yours.

  119. Anonymous9:31 PM

    You're a douche Todrick.. I'll make sure you're never on glee

  120. u guys are taking what Todrick said in the wrong way


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