GLUEgop Petition: SIGN to Make the Republican Party Change Their Anti-LGBT Platform

I am writing you to confront a very serious and under-reported question that millions of LGBT Americans face:

Is it okay if my friends and family vote for Republican candidates with anti-LGBT views so long as they have a somewhat valid reason for voting Republican (i.e. a fiscally conservative yet socially moderate/liberal Republican)?

The answer is no. No person should contribute to the Republican Party or vote for any Republican candidate in any election until the Republican Party or the Republican candidate changes their anti-LGBT platform.

While a friend or family member may have a somewhat valid reason to vote for a Republican candidate (i.e. a fiscally conservative yet socially moderate/liberal Republican), voting for the Republican candidate (despite his or her anti-LGBT views) is a vote to deny millions of Americans basic civil rights.

Republican figurehead Mike Huckabee has compared same-sex couples adopting children to a social experiment, saying, "children are not puppies." Thrice-married 2012 Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said, “Look, I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment." Numerous Republican state senators and representatives have completely ignored all science and logic by publically comparing gay marriage to incest and homosexuality to pedophilia.

and send it especially to all of your Republican friends and family members. We all need to be united in the fight to grant basic civil rights to millions of LGBT Americans. The Republican Party needs to know that LGBT Americans have the support of their Republican friends and family members.

Demand that the Republican Party and Republican Party candidates, despite any personal moral or religious objections to homosexuality or gender identity, change their anti-LGBT platform that denies the civil rights of millions of Americans. We will not donate to the Republican Party nor vote for any candidate affiliated with the Republican Party until they adopt a positive LGBT platform.


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