Christian Post Misleading Headline: Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

UPDATE 2: Is the Christian Post afraid of Obama endorsing same-sex marriage? Look at how many stories on the front page of their "Politics" section are about gay marriage (view here).

UPDATE: I just found the original article that Christian Post used for its story.  It is an opinion piece by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, titled "A June Surprise? President Obama and Same-Sex Marriage".

Imagine my surprise when I saw the headline "President Barack Obama Will Reverse Course, Endorse Gay Marriage.." (view picture below), especially first from a Christian Post article. When I clicked on the link, I saw that the full title was "President Barack Obama Will Reverse Course, Endorse Gay Marriage This Week?" 

I'm not sure if Christian Post intended to make the headline appear shortened or if Google did that automatically, but either way it is extremely misleading. It should read: Will Obama Reverse Course, Endorse Gay Marriage This Week?

Here's an excerpt from the article (via Christian Post):
"An open endorsement of same-sex marriage by an incumbent President of the United States would be a very significant and troubling development," [Dr. Albert] Mohler [president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary] wrote in a Monday blog post. "President Obama would not only repudiate his former position(s), he would push this nation toward the unraveling of civilization's most central institution – marriage."

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