Good Morning America = Homophobia?

UPDATE: According to The Telegraph, Lady Gaga has had to deal with censorship of "Born This Way" before.  However, that was in Malaysia, a country where homosexuality is ILLEGAL, and not in the United States. She told her fans then in a YouTube interview (click to link to YouTube Video):
"What I would say is for all the young people in Malaysia that want those words to be played on the radio, it is your job and it is your duty as young people to have your voices heard."
Besides the fact that the words were censored in the first place, what bugs me the most is that there has been no reasonable explanation given to us by Glee, Lady Gaga, and Good Morning America.  If everyone is as tolerant and accepting, why would the words get deleted?  Isn't that sending the exact opposite message?  Isn't it saying that the words "lesbian" and "gay" and "bi" and "transgender" are too vulgar to be shown to children?

ORIGINAL POST: I was mad when I saw the Glee Cast perform the LGBT anthem "Born This Way."  They de-gayed the gayest song of the year.  I let it slide when I saw Kurt's "Likes Boys" shirt because I thought it was still getting the message across.  Now it has happened again, but this time with Mother Monster herself.  Omitting the lyrics "No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life" from her GMA performance this past weekend, Lady Gaga stunned many.  Why would she allow this to happen?  Was it the folks at Good Morning America?  GMA canceled on Adam Lambert following his "gay kiss" at the American Music Awards that we reported about here.

Maybe it was the time constraints. Maybe Gaga wanted to make this more than a "gay" anthem.  There needs to be explanation, though.  We can't keep letting programs like GMA censor the gay out of their artists.

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  1. What the hell? I don't get it. Isn't a hugh point of the song the LGBT part? Something seems fishy.

  2. Well, unfortunately, there hasn't been a response. I don't know what went on behind the scenes, but it seems like GMA asked her to omit that part of the song. I don't know why she would do it otherwise. It's just all so weird because she dissolved her deal with Target over their support of anti-gay candidates.


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