Awww Lambert + Sauli Sitting In A Tree!

I'm loving this picture of Adam Lambert and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen at the American Idol Season 10 finale last week.  They are holding hands **gasp** with the FOX and American Idol logos on full display in the background. **double gasp.

I hate that this is news, but it is adorable! This is the guy that GMA canceled on?!?!

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  1. DeDeDinah11:43 AM

    That's Adam for you. Another bold statement made. Different from appearing in Malaysia over threats from Muslims and different again from appearing in Moscow during the gay pride parade cancellation weekend protest with serious clashes between parade cancellation protestors and the neo-nazis and Russian Orthodox church. Adam, being Jewish also, could have been in double trouble. So 3 for 3 for Adam so far. Who knows what and where his next bold statement will be.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    well maybe he shouldn't keep showing up at places where people don't wanna see it shoved in their faces.. just a thought


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