U.S. Olympic Hockey Team GM Vows To Champion Gay Rights After The Death Of His Gay Son

Brendan Burke was just 21 years old when a car accident took his life earlier this month. He was just garnering attention from the LGBT community for his unique story. He was the son of Brian Burke, the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the US Olympic hockey team.

ESPN.com pegged Brian as "a hockey carnivore who embraces physical play and fighting; a 6'2", 240-pound fishing, hunting, Harley-riding, truck-driving, tobacco-chewing father of six who says he is "a poster boy for straight people if you look at all the macho measuring sticks." He also embraced Brendan, a gay-rights advocate, for all the world to see.

Now Brian Burke is going to carry on his son's legacy as a gay-rights advocate. He plans to star in an infomercial to cut down bullying on gay children as well as march in the Toronto Pride Parade.

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