I think the LGBT community should do something to make a statement. We should fill our city's offices with gay people applying for marriage licenses EXCEPT not the gay couple! A man and a woman (strangers, gay, straight, whatever) should apply for a license and then rip it up after approved. If we fill the courthouse it will make it harder for straight "serious" people to apply. How do they know who is there for real and who isn't? More imporantly.. it will show how RIDICULOUS it is that two strangers can get married and two people of the same gender in a committed relationship can not.

What do you all think? Is this stupid/pointless? Could it work?

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  1. I agree that it IS absurd that same-sex marriage is not a reality and that it should be promoted, especially through movements and demonstrations. However, slowing down/stopping the process for straight couples is not the correct approach, in my opinion. Why not bring pamphlets, petitions and ideas to the courthouse and create a straight alliance with them instead of pushing them out of the way, possibly making them hostile toward the movement.

    I may be wrong, however, and if you ended up participating in this demonstration, I would love to hear the results!


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