Comments on News Stories are HILARIOUS

UPDATE: SOME GOOD NEWS OUT OF WEST VIRGINIA. The House has blocked a Republican attempt at circumventing the law to force a vote on a constitutional ban on gay marriage!

Ok so I just wanted to share some excerpts from user comments on a WV news story about housing discrimination. A lesbian couple's rental application was denied because they are gay. PS THIS IS PERFECTLY LEGAL IN WEST VIRGINIA AND OTHER STATES AS WELL. I wonder what these people would say if someone didn't want to rent to a Christian or to a black person.

Delores- "..I always just tell my children that they [gays] are not right in the head and that they can't help it that they are that way, just like the man down the street from us who is retarded. I also tell them the same thing about the gothic people and the ones who look like they fell into a pool of earrings."

Anon- "My opinion & no more, but I wouldn't want my children living next door to gays or lesbians either. No one said they molest children, however most people do not want to have their children subjected to things that are not normal. I know you're gonna whine about this, but being gay is not normal."

wv- "Shut up and get over it! Bottom line the landlord owns the property he can rent to who ever he chooses!!"

Charley- "The owner has every right to rent to those people he/she deems appropriate. I am tired of gays and lesbians claiming discrimination over every bad thing that happens to them. They have a right to be gay and others have a right to their opinions. I have children and I would not want to live next to this kind of behavior.


  1. Sad, just plain sad. Maybe it's a good thing they were denied, figuratively speaking. They now don't have to contend with the harassment and stares they would have more than likely received had they resided there, but I suspect they will encounter a similar situation in WV, regardless of geographical location.

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Yea.. these rural areas aren't exactly progressive.


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