Chick-Fil-A Wants The Gays To Eat Less Chicken

This breaks my heart because I love Chick-fil-A. I always knew the owner S. Truett Cathy was really religious. He closes down every Chick-fil-A business every Sunday because it is the "day of rest."

Well, it seems like our good ol' boy S. Truett Cathy is also as anti-gay as can be. He is a primary donor to the extremist group Focus on the Family. He is a devout Southern Baptist (some of the worst in my opinion) and believes that the "sanctity of marriage" should not include the gays.
Should we support a man who LITERALLY HATES us? I hate this so much, but I don't think I'll be going to Chick-fil-A anymore. It's just really hard giving money to a company that devotes its profits to bigotry and hate.


  1. this is a no-brainer... chickfila is a bunch of southern wingnuts.. biblethumpers.. food isn't even that good

  2. I think I'll put the brakes on Chick-fil-A for now on... I use to eat there all the time before I basically dumped fastfood altogether.

    This is why I think businesses/businessmen do best when they don't get involved in politics... you inevitably piss someone off with your politics and alienate a potential client/customer.

    Just look at the Whole Foods and healthcare reform situation - just my 2 cents for today

  3. First- Chick-fil-A has great food. I love the chicken biscuits!! :-)

    Second- I don't like that they donate money to that Focus on the Family group.

    Let's be real. They are allowed to do it. You not eating there won't make the company go bankrupt. It will still be there, so might as well enjoy it!

  4. kristin12:30 PM

    They are closed on Sundays. They have strong christian they might not be too accepting of the gay community yet...

  5. josh you know i love you brother, but i have to speak up on this one. first of all, since when has focus on the family been considered an extremist organization? secondly, i commend the owner for having values and standing for what he believes in just like you do with people that share your values. but how then does someone saying that they believe in the "sanctity of marriage" mean that they "hate" you or "don't want you to eat at their restaurant?" does he have somebody standing at the door checking to make sure his patrons are not gay? it seems to me that you and your fellow gay community are always the "victims." you convolute your stories in an effort to prey on people's pity because so many people hate you. maybe you should see it through another lens. maybe there are more people that love you for who you are than you think. and just because they love you doesn't mean that they have to share your belief system. you stand for something, well so can i, right?

  6. Let me just add one quick thing. Each time you buy something at Chick-fil-A, a percentage of that will indirectly go to Focus on the Family. If you are a supporter of gay marriage, you obviously do not want your money going to an organization that will do anything it can to deny marriage rights to gays and lesbians across this great country of ours.

    The owner of a company can have his views, but the game changes when he uses his profits to support a political organization that hates a specific community.

    And by the way, the gay community is the victim. Name one other minority group that has no federal housing and employment protections and no partnership benefits. You can't.

    I do see through "the other lens." All I see is ignorance. If you love me for who I am, then you should let me marry the person I love. You also shouldn't let me be able to get fired for being gay.

  7. You keep using the word "hate." I don't get it Josh. People don't hate you. Even people that don't believe in gay marriage might not necessarily "hate" you. And as far as your rights, I believe you are entitled to all of the same freedoms as straight people. If people don't want you to call it a marriage, then call it a civil union. I believe the employer should have the right to fire whoever he/she wants for whatever reason he/she wants. I don't think the government should be able to regulate that. He/She would either be left with enough/not enough employees to keeps his/her business above water. These are fundamental capitalistic ideologies.

  8. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Adam, I believe that you hit the nail on the head.

  9. I have to come to Josh's defense on this one. While I don't use the word "hate" a lot, I have seen organizations that are outright hateful in their efforts to disenfranchise and alienate LGBT people. Focus on the Family, while it attempts to be 'politically correct,'has a bottom line policy of being anti-gay, period.

    As Josh clarified earlier, since I know S. Truett Cathy, and by extesion Chick-fil-A, donates money to an organization that goes out of its way to railroad and impede the acknowledgement and advancement of the rights of others, I will not buy anything from them anymore. Don't get into politics if you are not ready to roll in the mud; and Cathy has gotten into politics the of LGBT discrimination. If Chick-fil-a suffers as a result, so be it.

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  11. You are putting the breaks on Chick-fil-A, because he has his own beliefs about gay marriages. Which has really stated that? Or is just the predjudiced opinion that since he is "He is a primary donor to the extremist group Focus on the Family. He is a devout Southern Baptist (some of the worst in my opinion) and believes that the "sanctity of marriage" should not include the gays." which I quoted you exactly. He is a man of God and in his opinion he doesn't believe that gay people should get married. That doesn't mean he HATES gay people. It means it is something he feels strongly about. It doesn't mean that he HATES the gay community, just doesn't believe in gay marriages. It isn't about hate, its about beliefs. You are an advocate of gay rights. You don't hate him do you because he doesn't feel the same way as you do? Or do you hate because you can't convince him or others how you feel so you are trying to boycott him? That's not fair.

  12. "That doesn't mean he HATES gay people." - This may be true, however what can be inferred, due his donations to Focus on the Family, that he has no compunctions about discriminating against gay people. That is something that I don't think anyone can argue with.

  13. Would you say he didn't hate black people if he donated money to the KKK?

  14. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Not the same...KKK specifically targets a group...not at all the same.

  15. Anonymous2:51 AM


    "Cathy" just has beliefs, he loves you the person as you are but just does not like the the style of life you have chosen. Everyone has to believe in something or what would the reason for living be? The KKK was mentioned and that is a totally different issue, they do hate people, most "christians" dont hate, they should never ever be the type to hate, they just don't agree with your style of life you have chosen. Any christian that calls themselves a christian should never crtitisize a gay person. In my opinion all "christian" believers should never hate you or anyone else in the gay community, they should extend a hand of love. It is okay to love the person but not like the lifstyle. Focus on the Family is a very good and well meaning organization and yes they chose to not agree with gay beliefs but that does not make them haters. If anyone there does hate a gay individual then they are very wrong. There are just a small few (in my opinion) stupid christian believers that have chosen to act without a brain and make the gay community take offense. Any "christian" that thinks that is right is far from being right. Well... that's my 2 cents worth.

  16. The reason I mentioned the KKK was because they are an organization that went against people because they were different. I'm not saying that Focus on the Family uses the same techniques, but they do have similar motivations.

    A group can not simply hide behind their faith when spewing out bigotry. It has got to stop, and people have got to stop using God as a way to conceal their disdain.

    I don't care if you are a Christian. I don't care if you don't approve of the "lifestyle" I have "chosen." Your opinion means nothing to me. I am guaranteed the same rights as anyone else, regardless of religious beliefs.

    Stop being so narrow-minded and open your eyes. The world is changing. People are interacting with other people who may not be like them. We live in a world where anything is possible, and we are finally heading in the direction of full equality.

    The time will come, my friends. Don't you want to look back and tell your grandkids that you were one of the good guys?

  17. Anonymous7:36 PM

    An argument that rarely gets solved...that is until it hits their family.

  18. Anonymous7:40 PM

    So does this mean I shouldn't eat Ben and Jerry's because they give to organizations I don't agree with? since when does freedom and a different point of view equal hate?

  19. gay :)

    seroiusly who gives a flying fudge? oh wait...a few gay people bad.

    your boycot would be as logical as people against gay weddings and such suddenly eating ONLY at the place because a tiny bit of the money they spend on food might help a cause out they support....

  20. I don't know if Cathy hates gay people or not, but I won't support a business in which the owner is supporting a group that goes out of it's way to deny an entire community the same rights and privileges that they themselves have. I quit going to Chick-Fil-A earlier this year after reading that the owner supports Focus on the Family.

  21. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I believe everyone should have a choice in life, that is my belief. But to say this man is a bigiot for his beliefs makes you no better than those who "HATE" on others, sorry but I don't think I will follow your blog anymore, I have a different belief, therefor we can't co-exist...Isn't that you're theory? Think I will follow a LIBERAL person who supports gay rights. Thank You and have a Nice Day! :)

  22. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Listen, I love me some gays but this organization is not JUST about denouncing gay marriage. It's teaching a whole Christian value system. They probably hate me too and think I am "promiscuous" for not being married with 14 kids at the age of 35. I just think it's time we step back and realize there are supporters/protesters of every kind for every issue who give money to everyone for every reason. Boycotting a fast food chicken restaurant is not going to solve anything. It demeans your cause. It's like Pamela Anderson and KFC. Who even listens to those PETA peeps for trashing good ole' Colonel Sanders anymore? It's an organization I once respected and now I just think they are cuckoo (ha! no pun intended!). We need to focus on the real issue - that gay marriage should be legal - and get it done through real, legitimate, thoughtful measures.

  23. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I am Gay. We do what we can to keep people and organizations from discrimination against us, and thus dividing us from society. And YES, Chick-fil-a discriminates against gays by their hiring and company participation practices. (read their practices in the Forbes Magazine article. Google it.)
    Another past statement is we gays "choose our sexual preferences" I know I didn't choose mine! I was 4 when I realized i was gay, but didn't at that age know exactly what 'gay' was. I just knew I perfered male sex over female sex. Yes I, at 4 years old, knew the difference.
    Second on my list is of topics is: Do you realize that in World War II, along with 6,000,000 Jews that were discriminated against (killed in the concentration camps) 600,000 gays were also extinguished!. If, as in Nazi Germany, one says nothing in our society about not being given ALL EQUAL RIGHTS and standing up to the organizations denying our rights. We could end up in the same situation as the Jews and Gypsies and Gays in the middle 1930's.
    Just look at what the Blacks had to go thru in OUR society to gain their equal rights (and they are still fighting for their complete NON-discriminational rights today.
    Open your eyes.
    If you support division of any kind in our society by allowing others to support division (Chick-fil-a) (Focus on the Family), you support 'HATE'
    disguised as religion, just as in the 1930's Germany.
    Please open your eyes!


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