First, we told you about the Texas officer who threw two men out of a restaurant after they kissed. Now we have TWO incidents where gay bars were raided in Texas, just like the infamous NYC Stonewall raid in 1969.

The first raid was in Fort Worth, Texas on the 40th anniversary of Stonewall. Police arrested 7 people, and one man was taken to the hospital with brain injuries. Police say the alcohol commission was in charge of the arrests and subsequent injuries, but witness accounts seem to conflict. What were the charges? Public intoxication.

Police say the force was necessary because the bar patrons were making sexual advances towards them. TYPICAL GAY PANIC DEFENSE.

The Dallas Voice reports:

Rainbow Lounge owner J.R. Schrock said claims that patrons made sexual advances to the officers and that one patron groped an officer were lies.“The groping of the police officer — really? We’re gay, but we’re not dumb,” Schrock said to the crowd that gathered at the bar Sunday afternoon. “That is a lie, and I am appalled by it.


The latest incident is in Dallas at the Dallas Eagle gay bar. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission shut down the Dallas Eagle on its grand re-opening after they apparently served to a minor. They had returned to question AN OUTDATED ADDRESS ON THE BAR'S LIQUOR LICENSE BECAUSE IT HAD MOVED 500 FEET.

"It would be suggestive of harassment. And if that is the case, all eyes will be on TABC," said Blake Wilkinson, president of Queer LiberAction told NBC Dallas earlier. "It's obvious selective enforcement. I think we're setting a pattern of selective enforcement."

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