Texas Officer Kicks Men Out Of Restaurant After They Kissed

Two men were kicked out of Chico's Taco restaurant around El Paso, Texas after they kissed. The police officer and the security at the restaurant claimed that they violated Section 21.06 of Texas law that considers homosexual acts illegal. The law, however, was overturned by the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court case.

Texas resident have had some interesting commentary. On the local ABC website, residents have left the following comments:

On the subject of gay men kissing at Chicos Tacos, all must remember that the proprietor has the right to refuse service to anyone and I believe that the security guard did the right thing. I believe that anyone kissing in any public establishment even straight and moreso GAY is very offensive. - Rudy, East El Paso

I am offended and I think a business has the right to tell those individuals what they did. -Beth, Eastside

I would find it and have found it very offensive when homosexuals are kissing in a restaurant. - Lloyd

If you want to make out, keep it private. And you have to admit (if you have ever seen gays or lesbians kissing in public), their objective is to call attention to themselves. Even if it's not illegal, nowadays it seems that many people don't know what the meaning of public decency is. -Ralphie, Eastside

I am the proud parent of a gay daughter - Anybody no matter there preference has every right to show affection in public as long as its tasteful - even straight people slobbering each other should not be allowed - Carlos good luck I hope you get a good lawyer. -Cindy, Eastside

After hearing the story of the El Paso men being discriminated against and then hearing ABC 7 news ask if we would be offended if we saw two men or women kissing I was speechless. People who have a different sexual orientation than us are still our neighbors, friends and family members. The sooner we accept them as a vital part of our community the better. The same discussion was happening more than 40 years ago but then it was if Mexicans and inter-racial couples offended us. Discrimination is discrimination! -Sarah, Las Cruces

What do you think? Should they sue? Video after the jump.

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