Bush 44 Justice Department “blacklisted” LBGT Organizations

By Ryan Thomas

A U.S. Justice Dept. internal investigation conducted last year concluded that George W. Bush’s Justice Department, under the direction of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, “blacklisted” LGBT organizations. It was also concluded that applicants to the Justice Department’s honors and internship programs may have been “rejected” strictly on the basis of political affiliation in associated with membership with LGBT groups. The internal investigation also concluded that “82 percent of applicants who had liberal affiliations were rejected, while 13 percent of applicants with conservative backgrounds were rejected.”

This “practice” began in 2006 and was halted in 2007 after complaints from career Justice Department employees – the Department has an official policy of non-discrimination based on political affiliation. This conduct only augments the widespread, institutionalized discrimination that was carried out during President Bush’s tenure in the White House – and compounds the image of the Bush administration’s indifference to LGBT organization’s struggle for social equality.

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