Approximately 40% of Homeless American Youth are LGBT: What Some Americans are Doing About it

UPDATE: See what NYC Councilman Bill de Blasio is doing about homelessness among LGBT youth.
Somewhere between 20-40% of America's homeless youth identify as LGBT. Many of these 400,000 American youths were kicked out of their homes or ran away because of their sexual orientation or identity.

Two American women have decided to stand up and walk (3,000 miles!) for these underrepresented kids. Chloe Noble and her best friend Jill Hardman are walking all over the Western United States, living out of their backpacks and sleeping on porches, in churches, and wherever else someone will take them in. The rest of their 6,000 mile journey will be completed by car. Starting in Seattle on May 22 and continuing throughout the summer, Chloe and Jill have been walking around America, raising awareness about homeless gay and lesbian youth in America.

Their journey will be peppered with collective media events that will happen in major cities as the girls pass through - Operation Shine. To learn more about the cause and Chloe and Jill's journey, check out their blog.

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  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Wow. I can almost believe that, though, considering how many parents kick their kids out for being gay.


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