NFL Player Turned Pastor Says No Gays Allowed in NFL

Professional sports have always been a place with very few out gay players. For example, there has been ZERO out gay players in the National Football League. Kenneth Hutcherson, a former NFL linebacker and current pastor of the Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, WA, has an explanation for that. He says that it would be “safer for the team and the individual if they didn’t come out” because “it would affect the camaraderie.” He suggests that gay people wouldn’t fit in with the tough, macho straight players. Wait, no, that’s not right. Gay people could fit in, just not if they are open about who they are.

This strikes an interesting dilemma. A person could be accepted by others if they just don’t disclose their sexuality. Nothing about them changes. The only thing that changes is the perception of them by their teammates. So, what does this mean for gay professional players?
Esera Tuaolo, a former NFL defensive lineman, came out after he retired in a tell-all book titled Alone in the Trenches: My Life as a Gay Man in the NFL. He mentions how homophobic the NFL is, which made him afraid of coming out or being discovered as a gay man. His sexual orientation didn’t affect his performance on the field, and it shouldn’t, but it still is too much to handle in the NFL.

Hutcherson says that “men are going to be more comfortable with other heterosexuals.” Why is it that straight men can’t be friends with gay men? Are they threatened by something different or are they scared they might “turn gay” if they are around gay men?

I think that straight men are worried for two things. They are either sheltered and/or ignorant of homosexuality or they are scared that they might be attracted to the same-sex.
Hutcherson is currently fighting to appeal Washington’s domestic-partnership registry. This isn’t even marriage. It is just domestic partnership. He believes that gay rights is not civil rights because you can apparently change being gay. He said that “there are a lot of people, especially in our churches, that have changed being gay.”

This seems like a simple case of homophobia, but people like this are persuading people. What do you think- should gays be open if they are playing professional sports like football?
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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    This is stupid. He is obviously just really homophobic, which most of the black community tends to be.


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