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The poll results are in and you spoke overwhelmingly for marriage equality-- 81% said that gay and lesbian couples should have full marriage rights, while 9% preferred civil unions.  I really feel like a lot of people who come to this site are pro-gay, but I am hopeful that the "other side" is also viewing the site due to the 7% that voted to not give LGBT couples any legal rights.  A major point of the site is to BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.  You all are doing a great job.

A new poll is now going to be put up.  The question is "Why do you think people are gay?"  This is a very interesting subject, and I really want everyone to be honest.  Is it a choice?  If it isn't, are people born gay, raised gay, or both?  Let me know what you think.. and check out the discussion we have going here!

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