PLEASE WATCH: Gay Is The New Black Debate


  1. The 'heterosexuals' in this clip are beyond looking ignorant or duplicitous - their assertions and posturing are homophobic, period. I had this exact same debate in class last semester over whether homosexuality is a "choice". For those who advocated the choice position, I completely blind-sided them with the question of whether they were gay or not. Needless to say, they all vehemently claimed not to be.

    Their logic, as I construed it, was that gay people are straight who "choose" to be gay. So if that is in fact the case, do 'straight' people choose to be straight; or are they really gay and choose to be straight? How would "straight" people know it is a choice unless they themselves are gay and choose to be straight. Their logic is nonsensical and baseless.

  2. As for the gay-black association, I think that a case can be made that "gay is the new black". Both civil rights struggles are unique but related. Both movements are seeking equal rights for a minority group - discrimination is discrimination.


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