Pat Robertson suggests "ultimate conclusion" of legal same-sex marriage is legal polygamy, bestiality, child molestation, pedophilia


  1. I can't speak the issue of polygamy, ultimately I see nothing wrong with it if all parties are consenting adults who want to live their lives that way.

    that being said, The issue here that delineates homosexuality and things like bestiality and pedophilia, is consent! Children under a certain age, and animals are unable to give consent because they either lack the ability to speak, or in the case of children, are not fully developed enough to make those decisions on their own. This slippery slope argument is SOOOO tired right wingers!! it isn't logical and everyone can see right through your attempts to scare society into subscribing to your way of thinking.

  2. Kudos, Joey, great comment. I completely agree. And also I think that Pat Robertson's credibility can be determined mostly be looking at how many times he's predicted the catastrophe at the hand of God (at least 5), and how many times he's been incorrect (at least 5). "Sometimes I miss," he said. Yeah, Pat. You missed this one too.


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