Meghan McCain Tells NY Republicans To Support Gay Marriage

The daughter of John McCain has been a vocal supporter of gay rights and has repeatedly told the Republican party to be more accepting and respectful of LGBT people. Meghan McCain has now told Republicans that the "time has come" to stop voting and lobbying against marriage equality. She wrote an open letter to New York Republicans in the New York Daily News about the upcoming gay marriage vote in the New York State Senate.

She went on to ask Republicans if the "rights and privileges we offer citizens include everyone in our country, or only some of us." She said that LGBT people are a "vital part of our communities. They are doctors, teachers, firefighters, emergency personnel and neighbors." Marriage equality is about "supporting good citizens and strengthening our communities."

She urged New York senators to vote for the marrige bill. By doing this, she said, "will make a strong statement about supporting New York families, strengthening New York communities and demonstrating that equality and fairness are fundamental values of New York Republicans. It will leave a legacy that will make us all proud."

The New York Assembly recently passed marriage equality legislation by a vote of 89-52, but it remains unclear whether a vote will hapen in the New York Senate before the end of the session in June.

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